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How to Get to Max Comfort in Valheim

Posted on by justin
Valheim’s difficulty can spike when you least expect it. Thankfully, you can receive buffs like the Rested Effect to help you survive. Take advantage of this buff by getting max comfort in Valheim, and we’ll teach you how to reach that point.

What Items Give Comfort in Valheim?

Valheim Max Comfort Note that the maximum comfort in Valheim is 17. But it can extend to 18 if the character is near the seasonal Yule Tree. Players can place different items in their bases or camps to help increase comfort levels. However, only one item per furniture category will count towards increasing the comfort level. These items are the following:
Carpets and Rugs
  • Deer Rug
  • Wolf Rug
  • Lox Rug
  • Hare Rug
  • Red Jute Carpet
  • Blue Jute Carpet
All carpets and rugs provide one comfort level.
  • Table
  • Black Marble Table
  • Round Table
  • Long Heavy Table
The Table and Black Marble Table provide one comfort level, while the Round Table and Long Heavy Table offer two levels.
  • Black Banner
  • Blue Banner
  • White and Red Striped Banner
  • Red Banner
  • Green Banner
  • Blue, Red, and White Banner
  • White And Blue Striped Banner
  • Yellow Banner
  • Purple Banner
  • White Banner
  • Orange Banner
All banners provide one comfort level.
  • Campfire
  • Bonfire
  • Hanging Brazier
  • Standing Brazier
  • Hearth
Note: All fireplaces provide one comfort level except for the Hearth which provides two. Keep in mind that fireplaces only provide comfort when lit!
  • Bench
  • Sitting Log
  • Stool
  • Black Marble Bench
  • Chair
  • Darkwood Chair
  • Raven Throne
  • Stone Throne
  • Black Marble Throne
The Bench, Sitting Log, Stool, and Black Marble Bench add one comfort level. The Chair and Darkwood Chair add two levels. Each throne adds a whopping three comfort levels.
  • Bed
  • Dragon Bed
The typical Bed provides one comfort level, while the Dragon Bed adds two levels.
  • Hot Tub
The Hot Tub adds two comfort levels, but only when heated.
  • Armor Stand
The Armor Stand adds one comfort level and doesn’t need anything hung on it to provide this buff, so you won't have to sacrifice any of your good gear or look at any of the bad gear you find.
  • Maypole
The Maypole adds one comfort level.
  • Yule Tree
The Yule Tree adds one comfort level but can only be built during Yule events or when in debug mode (introduced in Patch 0.206.5) Additionally, being inside a base induces “Base Comfort,” which adds one comfort level when near a fireplace. Otherwise, it adds two levels when the character is in a shelter and near a fireplace. Here’s an example of an item setup to get to max comfort in Valheim:
  • Deer Rug
  • Round Table
  • Red Banner
  • Hearth
  • Black Marble Throne
  • Dragon Bed
  • Hot Tub
  • Armor Stand
  • Maypole
  • Yule Tree

The Rested Effect

Each comfort level adds to the duration of the Rested Effect buff. A player with this buff will gain the following perks:
  • +200% Health regen
  • +300% Stamina regen
Note that the Rested Effect will only occur after 20 uninterrupted seconds of the character being near items that grant comfort levels. The initial duration is 8 minutes, and each succeeding comfort level adds an additional minute. So, a character can enjoy the Rested Effect for 23 minutes (or 25 minutes with the seasonal items) when reaching max comfort in Valheim.
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