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How to Get the Swamp Key in Valheim

Posted on by justin
The Swamp Key in Valheim allows players to access dungeons called the Sunken Crypts in the swamps. These locations are filled with danger and important loot like Chain, Ruby, and Withered Bone. So, we’re here to help you get this key and access those dungeons (and their treasure).

How to Get the Swamp Key in Valheim

Valheim Swamp Key The Valheim Swamp Key is only obtainable by defeating The Elder, the game’s second boss. You can find this boss in the Black Forest biome. Search the area for The Elder’s Forsaken Altar and place 3x Ancient Seed on it. If successful, The Elder will appear. Pay attention to this boss' three main attacks, which are the following:
  • Stomp: Stomps the ground to deal AoE damage over a large area
  • Vine Shoot: Shoots a vine at the target player’s position
  • Spawn Roots: Summons hostile yet immobile Roots that attack players in melee range
Use fire weapons, such as the Staff of Embers and Fire Arrows, as they deal twice the damage than normal. Once defeated, the boss will drop the Swamp Key and The Elder Trophy. Note: Skip the boss fight using console commands to spawn the Swamp Key.

Using the Swamp Key

As mentioned earlier, the Swamp Key’s only use is to open the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. Note that the key won’t disappear after using it to open the locked door of one Sunken Crypt. Also, the opened Sunken Crypt will permanently remain accessible after using the Swamp Key. Tip: Gain maximum comfort before entering a Sunken Crypt to increase your health and stamina regeneration. The Sunken Crypt is an excellent place to farm Draugrs and their Elite variants. These locations also typically contain various chests containing various items, such as the following:
  • Amber
  • Amber pearl
  • Ancient bark
  • Chain
  • Coins
  • Entrails
  • Ironhead arrow
  • Ooze
  • Poison arrow
  • Ruby
  • Scrap iron
  • Withered bone
  • Yellow mushroom
Tip: Bring Poison Resistance Mead when venturing inside a Sunken Crypt. The place can spawn poisonous Blobs that emit poisonous gases. If the player gets hit, it inflicts the Poison debuff, dealing significant DPS.
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