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Valheim Boss Guide: Moder

Posted on by bisecthosting

Valheim’s bosses are as unforgiving as the game itself, and Moder leads the pack as one of the most intimidating fights and summoning rituals.

Moder is a dragon that can be found in the Mountain biome. 

Here’s where to find Moder's summoning altar, and how to survive fighting her.

How to Summon Moder

Moder can be found in the Mountain biome, which is a tricky one to navigate due to the weather.

Valheim Moder location & boss fight guide | Rock Paper Shotgun

Once you’re equipped to travel in the Mountain biome, you can begin searching for one of multiple Moder summoning altars.

To guarantee the location of a Moder summoning altar, you can check Runestones found in all of the different Valheim dungeons.

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Once you’ve found the altar, you’ll have to transport 3 Dragon Eggs to it. This is a very time-consuming task, as Dragon Eggs are incredibly heavy, and like ore, can’t be transported via teleporter.

Afterward, you can finally summon Moder to begin her boss fight.

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How to Kill Moder

Moder is a challenging boss fight, and to conquer the dragon, you’ll have to be prepared.

Moder will spend periods of her fight flying through the air and firing ice down to the ground. After this fly-around period, she’ll land on the ground, and you’ll have a new set of attacks to deal with.

While on the ground, Moder will swipe in a big area in front of her, or shoot out frost breath in a cone. All of Moder’s attacks slow players significantly. That means it's important to avoid as much damage as possible, as it can quickly spiral out of control.

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The key to killing Moder in Valheim is utilizing terrain around you. Moder has a hard time navigating clutter, and taking cover during her ranged barrages can ensure you’re safe without having to dodge.

To deal damage to Moder, make sure you are prepared to use your bow for a long period of time - meaning you’ll need plenty of arrows and repairs.

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While you’ll be able to continue shooting Moder during her landing, this also opens her up to melee attacks if you can time it.

Rinse and repeat these attacks and avoid Moder’s moves and you’ll clean her up, moving on with your Valheim progression.

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