Valheim The Elder Boss Guide
Valheim The Elder Boss Guide

The second boss in Valheim is The Elder, and he’s a huge step up in competition.

One of the scariest bosses in Valheim is The Elder, a massively powerful leader of the Greydwarves that plague players from the very beginning of the game.

Here’s how to summon and defeat The Elder to move on with your Valheim progression.

How to Summon The Elder

Valheim bosses must be summoned by offering tributes to their altars, and The Elder is no different.

To summon The Elder, players must find his altar via exploring burial chambers/dungeons throughout the map. Inside there will be a red stone, and on it, you can mark the location of The Elder’s altar on your map.

Accumulate 3 Ancient Seeds by destroying Greydwarf nests you can find in the Black Forest biome.

Afterward, find The Elder’s altar, then burn the Ancient Seeds in the central fire. This will summon The Elder, so be ready for a fight!

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How to Defeat The Elder

Valheim bosses come in varying degrees of difficulty, and while the game’s first boss Eikthyr may have been a simple challenge, The Elder is a big step up.

Valheim Elder summon: How to beat The Elder | PC Gamer

To defeat The Elder in Valheim, you’ll want to come prepared with good armor, weapons, ammo, and food buffs. If you play online with friends, it’s worth bringing all your strength to the battle. That also means any tamed animals you might have ready to fight.

The Elder has a mix of ranged and melee abilities to pressure you with, so having a good flow to your encounter is important. You’ll want to stay moving against The Elder, as he will spawn roots that attack as well around them.

During the fight The Elder will call out to a Greydwarf Shaman that will heal him, so it’s important you can get to this Shaman early to take him out.

Another trick to The Elder is to light him on fire. Much like you expect a giant wooden being to feel about fire, it does some serious damage to The Elder and can help you along to a kill.

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