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Valheim Ashlands Update: World Crashing Error & How to Fix It

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes)
The Valheim Ashlands Update is here! However, many players are reporting that the app is crashing when trying to load their worlds. If you’re experiencing this Vahleim Ashlands world crashing error, keep reading and we’ll help you in this regard.

How to Fix the World Crashing Error in Valheim Ashlands

Valheim Ashlands Update World Crashing Error It’s important to mention that the methods mentioned below are only possible solutions to the world crashing error from the Valheim Ashlands Update. If these techniques don’t work, consider waiting for a hotfix from the game’s developer, Iron Gate Studio.

Method #1: Remove Mods

Some mods might not be compatible with the current update. Consider removing these mods temporarily and reinstall them when Valheim’s developer posts a hotfix. Also, stay updated with mod developers to see if they have updates for their mods. Valheim community members banded together to check which mods cause the game to misbehave after the update's release. These mods include the following:
  • Simple_Meads v1.4.1 by Allegiant_Games
  • Foraging v1.0.8 by Smoothbrain
  • ValheimRecycle v2.5.0 by SQG
  • Blacksmithing v1.2.5 by Smoothbrain
  • Automatics v1.5.1 by eideehi

Method #2: Remove the Command Console

Other Valheim players also mentioned that the in-game command console might be causing the world crashing error after the Valheim Ashlands Update. Remove the command console by going to your Steam Library and right-clicking on Valheim in the left sidebar. Then, remove the “-console” function under Launch Options. Remember, you can’t use console commands without this function.

Method #3: Wait

It seems that loading a pre-existing world with the new assets generated by the Valheim Ashlands Update takes longer than usual and some users report that it may take about 10 minutes for it to complete. Don’t interact with your PC during this time and let the world load. Otherwise, additional actions may interrupt the loading process, causing the world crashing error.

Method #4: Reinstall Valheim

If the other methods don’t work, perhaps it’s wise to do a clean reinstall. But be warned, for a complete wipe may make you lose valuable data from your saved files. So, it’s essential to back up your files before attempting this possible solution.
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