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Valheim Ashlands Update Guide (2024) - New Enemies, Release Date Window, & more

Posted on by justin
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Valheim is a challenging game, and it's about to get more difficult with the Ashlands update. Players can enjoy additional rewards for completing new tasks despite the extra difficulty. So, continue reading as we dive deep into the Valheim Ashlands Update and how you can prepare for it.

Valheim Ashlands Release Date

Valheim Ashlands Update Guide Despite the various information highlighting the Ashlands, developer Iron Gate Studios hasn't officially announced a concrete release date for this update. However, we can speculate that this update is nearing its completion and might be released to the public during the first half of 2024.

Ashlands Update: New Content and Features

Aside from being a new biome in Valheim, the Ashlands update introduces various new content and features to this Nordic open-world survival title. These additions include the following:
  • New enemy types: Morgen and The Charred
  • A new boss called the Bonemaw Serpent
  • A new dungeon called the Fortress
  • New weapons, including those named Niedhogg (short sword), Slayer (greatsword), and Berzerkr Axes (dual-wielded axes)
  • New armor set with a name resembling Embla, one of the first humans in Nordic legend
  • Additional plants and food recipes
Note: Learn more about the Ashlands and its upcoming content and features here.

How to Prepare for Ashlands

Iron Gate Studios recommends players to generate another world seed after the launch of the Ashlands update for Valheim. The company warns that the generation of the new biome to an existing world seed may cause problems. In particular, the biome may not load correctly or at all. Thankfully, you can chart a course to the Ashlands with a well-built character despite exploring a new world seed. The developer also warns players that the terrain around Ashlands will change. So, any structure built in and around this newly generated terrain will collapse with the update's release. However, it's possible that part of a building or structure won't break down. Still, the parts that are intact may become inaccessible. As for progression, players must defeat The Queen in the Mistlands before setting foot in the Ashlands. The developer mentioned that one of The Queen’s drops will no longer become a placeholder. Instead, it’ll become an essential item to enter the new biome. Note: Drop the item from The Queen from your inventory and pick it up again to trigger the activation and unlock of the new recipe. Last, it’s ideal to disable mods before experiencing the Ashlands in Valheim for the first time. That way, you'll reduce the risks of errors and glitches caused by mod incompatibility issues.
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