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Does Valheim Have Modpacks?

Posted on by amber
Minecraft fans know the term modpack quite well, but other games don’t seem to offer them. At least from what many players can tell! Today we answer the question, does Valheim have modpacks? And if so, how you can find them as well.

What Is a Modpack?

Valheim Logo A modpack is a collection of mods bundled together. In the Minecraft community, the most popular examples are usually created by a dedicated team or developer who ensures the mods work together, but anyone is free to create their own adventure. Whether it will actually work is another story all together. However, outside of Minecraft, modpacks are not a term most would use. Instead, they generally go by collections.

How to Find Valheim Collections

NexusMods Logo On NexusMods, where most Valheim mods are shared, one must first find the Valheim portion of their website. This is done by selecting the search bar at the top of the NexusMods homepage, changing the search option to games, and then typing in Valheim. After selecting it, try not to get distracted by the many trending mods. We are going right to collections. At the top of the page, click the drop-down menu titled “Collections” and then click “Most Endorsed” or “Highest Rated.” Congratulations, you have now found Valheim’s most popular modpacks!

How to Install Collections

Those seeking to install Valheim collections on singleplayer need only use NexusMod’s Vortex Mod Manager. This nifty tool will have the job done right away! However, those seeking to apply a collection to a server will have a bit more trouble. Valheim collections can not be installed directly and will instead require the mods to be installed one by one. This is done by first installing Valheim Plus and then uploading the mods to the plugins folder until the job is done.

Does Valheim have Modpacks?

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