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V Rising

V Rising Waygate Guide: All Locations and How to Craft Them

Posted on by justin
The world of Vardoran is massive, and it’s risky to leave your vampire out in the open when traveling. Thankfully, you can take advantage of the game’s waygates to fast travel to different pre-determined locations. With that, here are all of the waygate locations in V Rising, how to use them, and how to craft your own!

V Rising Waygate Locations

V Rising Waygates Note that Vardoran has its waygates spread out far and wide. That means you might still have some walking to reach certain points of interest. Nonetheless, here are all the current V Rising waygates you’ll find in the game:

Farbane Woods Waygates

V Rising Farbane Woods Waygates Before exiting the tutorial map, the game asks if you want to spawn on the east or west side of Farbane Woods. Choose either option, and you’ll soon be in front of a waygate. Another waygate is near the Bandit Armory, where you’ll find Greyson the Armourer, a level 27 V Blood Boss. The last Farbane Woods waygate is at the upper-right side of this area of the map. Here, you’ll be near Keely the Frost Archer, a level 20 V Blood boss.

Dunley Farmlands Waygates

V Rising Dunley Farmlands Waygates Like the Farbane Woods waygates in V Rising, four teleporters are in the Dunley Farmlands. The two southern teleporters are near the Haunted Iron Mine. The waygate at the northwestern part of Dunley Farmlands puts you at the Dunley Monastery. Here, you’ll be near the level 57 V Blood boss Raziel the Shepherd, which you must defeat if you want to unlock the Ancestral Forge. There’s also a waygate at the northeastern area of Dunley Farmlands. Teleporting here will lead you to the Bastion of Dunley, where you’ll be near another level 57 V Blood boss, Octavian the Militia Captain.

Silverlight Hills Waygates

V Rising Silverlight Hills Waygates Unlike Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands, Silverlight Hills has only one waygate. Teleport here, and you’ll be in the Sacred Silver Mine. This location isn’t ideal for beginners. Plus, you’ll be close to the level 66 V Blood boss Sir Magnus the Overseer.

Cursed Forest Waygates

V Rising Cursed Forest Waygates Two waygates exist in the Cursed Forest. The first teleporter is on the western portion of this area of Vardoran. Here, you’ll be close to the northern region of Dunley Farmlands. It’s a reasonably safe spot to spawn into if you want to explore the Cursed Forest. On the other hand, the waygate on the eastern side of the Cursed Forest leads to the Spider Cave and the Lair of Behemoth. These dungeons have bosses: the level 83 V Blood boss Gorecrusher the Behemoth and the level 62 Ungora the Spider Queen.

Hallowed Mountains Waygates

Hallowed Mountains Waygates Only one waygate is in the Hallowed Mountains. This teleporter is near the mountain’s northwestern region near the Dunley Farmlands’ Militia Camp.

Gloomrot Waygates

Gloomrot Waygates The last three waygates are in Gloomrot, which has two regions: the north and south. One waygate is near the Gloomrot South entrance. There’s also another waygate by the Gloomrot North entrance. Finally, the third waygate in the Gloomrot region is below the Trancendum Power Plant. Here, you’ll find the level 77 V Blood boss Voltatia the Power Master, who you must defeat to unlock the Power Core and EMP crafting recipes.

How to Use a Waygate in V Rising

Generally, you only need to walk up to a waygate and interact with it to use it. But you can’t teleport if you’re carrying certain items. Some item classes that you can’t bring are hides, ingots, tailoring materials, and knowledge books. Hover your mouse cursor over an item to see if you can bring it in a waygate. Fortunately, you can bring all armor, weapons, potions, coins, and other basic resources on a fast-travel trip. Note: Players can use waygates while carrying lumber, stone, and plant fiber with Hotfix 6.

How to Craft a Waygate in V Rising

Defeat Polora the Feywalker, a level 35 V Blood boss in the Gleaming Meadows, to unlock the craftable waygate recipe. Once unlocked, combine the following items to make a waygate:
  • 100x Blood Essence
  • 20x Gem Dust
  • 12x Stone Brick
  • 4x Grave Dust
Beating this boss also unlocks other perks, including the Garden Flooring, Minor Garlic Resistance Brew, and Small & Large Growing Plot recipes. You’ll also unlock the Spectral Wolf Vampire Power after defeating this boss.
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