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Trails & Tales Update Guide – All New Content, Locations, & More

Posted on by amber
Minecraft 1.20, the Trails and Tales update, is just around the corner! But before jumping in, here is a handy reference guide to help with your adventure into the new version.

Old Resources, New Blocks

Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales Hanging Sign Minecraft 1.20 adds quite a few new blocks, including some made with items we already have! Chiseled bookshelves use planks and half slabs, hanging signs use stripped logs and chains, and the new bamboo wood set uses bamboo. Having any of these blocks in your inventory will unlock these recipes as soon as you join the game.

Cherry Blossom Biomes

Trails & Tales Cherry Blossom Biome Screenshot Perhaps the most anticipated feature of Minecraft 1.20 is a new biome home to pink trees and flowers. Cherry blossom biomes, or cherry groves, generate in the mountains, introduce the new and entirely pink cherry wood set, and add a new flower that grows in three perfectly pink stages. In addition, the biome is home to lots of rabbits! Having trouble finding one to call your own? We offer a step-by-step guide here on how to find cherry blossom biomes!

Camels & Sniffers

Trails & Tales Update Sniffer Screenshot Over in the desert, players may encounter long-legged camels with a hump or two. Bring them some cacti, and then they will love you! Camels are ridable by two players, can jump long distances, and melee mobs can’t reach those on its back. On the opposite side of the world, eggs can now be found in chests across the sea floor. What do they hatch into? A prehistoric mob called sniffers that will soon roam the surface once more! They wander about digging up torchflower seeds, sniffing flowers, and resting beneath the sun. Torchflower seeds can be planted in just about any type of dirt, and soon enough, a flower as old as the sniffer will sprout and grow.

Playable Mob Sounds

Playable Mob Sounds Example Screenshot One of the three main features found in Minecraft 1.20 is playable mob sounds. Using any mob head in the game, place it on a note block and give it a click. Now, instead of a note, it plays the mob head’s ambient noise. Get ready for lots of creeper-based pranks! Alongside this feature piglins now drop their head when killed by a supercharged creeper. For a full guide on this subject, check out our post here!

Smithing Overhaul

  • Pillager Outpost – Sentry Armor Trim Template
  • Desert Pyramid – Dune Armor Trim Template
  • Shipwreck – Coast Armor Trim Template
  • Jungle Temple – Wild Armor Trim Template
  • Ocean Monument – Tide Armor Trim Template
  • Ancient City – Ward Armor Trim Template
  • Woodland Mansion – Vex Armor Trim Template
  • Nether Fortress – Rib Armor Trim Template
  • Bastion Remnant – Snout Armor Trim Template
  • Bastion Remnant – Netherite Upgrade Template
  • Stronghold – Eye Armor Trim Template
  • End City – Spire Armor Trim Template
Smithing saw many changes with Minecraft 1.20, including how netherite armor is crafted. Players now need netherite upgrade templates in addition to the netherite ingots. A slight inconvenience, but worth it for the armor trim feature that came with it! Using templates found across the world, players can now customize their armors with eleven different patterns. Like with playable mob sounds, our complete guide on the smithing overhaul can be found here.


Trails & Tales Decorated Pots Screenshot Finally, we have the most unexpected feature of Minecraft 1.20, archeology! This new branch of content introduced its very own tool called the brush and added suspicious sand to desert wells and temples. Once some suspicious sand has been found in one or the other, brush it away for a variety of goodies. These include diamonds, TNT, and pottery shards for crafting the four new decorative pot items. Our full guide on this subject, including loot tables, can be found here.

Trails & Tales Update Guide – All New Content, Locations, & More

Trails and Tales turned out much more exciting than many players expected. Perhaps cherry blossom biomes were their push in case of an emergency button? In either case, we hope our Trails & Tales Update guide has helped with your adventure. What are your thoughts on this latest Minecraft content expansion? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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