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The Best Vanilla Minecraft Structures

Posted on by bisecthosting

From cities hidden far beneath the earth to monuments that line the deep sea, the world of Minecraft is steeped in mystery. A few days before, we explored each and every one of these wondrous structures, and today we are back again to rank our top five. So, without further ado, here are the best Vanilla Minecraft Structures version 1.18 has to offer!

5. End City

Vanilla Minecraft Structures - End City
Screenshot by Goro488

The End found itself rather empty once players killed the ender dragon, but all that changed with the introduction of End Cities! Staying true to the odd nature of the end dimension, players took a portal to outer islands where floating pink houses and ships gave rise to newfound mystery. Not to mention they introduced multiple fan-favorite items! For those reasons, End Cities secure spot number five.

4. Bastion Remnant

Vanilla Minecraft Structures - Bastion Remnants
Screenshot by Windwend

Bastion Remnants are like villages if they were terrific-looking giant crumbling castles! Their generation varies greatly, their loot makes searching for more well worth the effort, and their bartering piglin residents always keep things interesting. May luck fill your Bastion Remnant chests with netherite scraps!

3. Ocean Monument

Minecraft Screenshot: Ocean Monument
Screenshot by Amber

Ocean monuments earn spot number three on our list not for their appearance or the Elder Guardians within, but because Mojang tried to do something different with them. They are the only structure players legitimately have to explore to beat. No mining through walls and no dirt towering to the top, just exploring forced by mining fatigue.

Those who dislike it know to bring milk, but I personally think it makes each ocean monument feel much more immersive and challenging.

2. Woodland Mansion

Vanilla Minecraft Structures - Woodland Mansion
Screenshot by Lama Minecr

Of all the vanilla Minecraft structures, woodland mansions can’t help but stand out from the rest. Its sheer size leaves players in awe, there is a ton of generation variety and rooms to explore, and it successfully gives a very spooky vibe. I’m looking at you, spider room!

All of that aside, I’ve always liked a fixer-upper, and the woodland mansion has been a blast to make my own.

1. Villages

Vanilla Minecraft Structures - Village
Screenshot by ThyLienMaster

Time and time again, I see players who have taken naturally generated villages and used them as the starting point for something extraordinary. They spark creativity, give in-game reasons to build, and vary in generation from biome to biome. This is all on top of the villager mobs within that create many different avenues of play.

Sure, they may lack the size of a woodland mansion or the challenge of Ocean Monument, but for a game all about building, no other structure incentivizes and inspires players to do that more than the village.

Ranking the Best Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Final Thoughts

And so ends what I believe to be the best vanilla Minecraft structures, but our list is by no means definitive! With so many beautiful structures in the game, it was so hard to pick! What are your top five structures? Would you change any from our own? We would love to know!

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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