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Terraria Santa-NK1 Boss Guide: How to Summon, All Attacks, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
Ever wondered what it’s like to fight Santa Claus for your presents? In Terraria, you can! But instead of fighting the man in the jolly red suit, you’ll deal with an evil, mechanized version. So, continue reading as we tell you how to summon and beat the Santa-NK1 boss in Terraria.

How To Summon Santa-NK1 In Terraria

Terraria Santa-NK1 Introduced in version 1.2.2, Santa-NK1 is a Hardmode post-Plantera boss that comes with a Holiday-themed patch. Players must first initiate the Frost Moon event to summon this boss. Starting this Christmas-themed event requires using the Naughty Present item. Craft this item by combining 20x Silk, 5x Ectoplasm, and 5x Soul of Fright near a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil. Note that you can only use the Naughty Present at night. Attempting to use it during the day will yield no results. However, the item will remain unused. Upon starting the event, players must survive until Wave 7 before the Santa-NK1 appears. Defeating this boss once doesn’t signify the end of the event. Instead, Frost Moon continues, and multiple Santa-NK1s will continue to enter the combat area until the end of Wave 20.

How To Beat Santa-NK1 (All Attacks & Tips and Tricks)

Terraria Fight Santa-NK1 Two of Santa-NK1’s attacks are fairly inaccurate. Moving around the battlefield will likely make these attacks miss. Flying around with wings is also a good option instead of running around the Frost Moon area, which might be crawling with other enemies. Avoid using a close-range melee weapon in this fight. If the boss drops a spiked ball, and you touch it, that might initiate the transformation of your active character into a tombstone. Instead, bring mid to long-range weapons, particularly those that can pierce multiple enemies with each strike. However, the event doesn’t end when your character dies. So, you can try to beat the Santa-NK1s as many times as possible. Tip: If you can’t handle the onslaught of the enemies summoned in the Frost Moon event, you can exit the game and log back in. Doing so will cancel the event, allowing you to go through the map without the Holiday-themed enemies.
Santa-NK1 doesn’t have a second or third phase, and it has four main attacks:
  • Uses its chain gun to fire bullets at the player’s location
  • Drops high-damaging spiked balls
  • Fires a barrage of missiles that can pass through walls
  • Launches presents with parachutes, dealing contact damage when touched
Players should maintain vigilance while chipping away at the Santa-NK1’s health. Although this boss fight doesn’t have multiple phases, this enemy’s attacks gain intensity as its health dwindles. For instance, the chain gun will fire for 7.5 seconds instead of 3.5 seconds when the boss’ health drops below 25%.
  • Elf Melter
  • Chain Gun
  • Santa-NK1 Trophy
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