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Terraria Plantera Guide: Boss Mechanics, How To Summon, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
Plantera is one of Terraria's many dangerous Hardmode bosses, a gigantic plant monster lurking in the Underground Jungle. To take on this massive enemy, players must meet some specific requirements to summon it. So, what do you need to summon Plantera, and what can you do to defeat them?

How to Summon Plantera In Terraria

Terraria Plantera Unlike other bosses in Terraria, like King Slime, Eye of Cthulhu, and Queen Bee, Plantera doesn’t have a special item to summon it. Instead, players must kill the three mechanical Hardmode bosses: The Destroyer, Skeleton Prime, and The Twins. After defeating those three bosses, players should then travel to the Underground Jungle biome. Here, search for a Plantera Bulb. Destroying the bulb with a pickaxe, drill, lava, or an explosive will immediately summon Plantera. Tip: You can download a mod like Fargo’s Souls Mod to craft a unique item to summon Plantera without finding and destroying a Plantera Bulb.

Plantera Boss Fight: Attacks, Phases, and Tips & Tricks

Terraria Beat Plantera A large arena or battleground is ideal for the Plantera fight. Create this battlefield before destroying the Plantera Bulb. Otherwise, you won’t have enough time or space to fight the boss efficiently if you destroy the bulb sooner than later.
Plantera Attacks - Phase 1
Take note that Plantera isn’t a beginner-friendly boss. Once summoned, Plantera will make its way to the player’s location, albeit slowly. The boss shoots vines across the arena, which can harm a player upon contact. But this enemy also uses those vines to move around the field. You must evade those vines by moving around the area constantly. Avoid staying in one place, or your character’s health will deplete fast. Additionally, Plantera will shoot out various seeds. The seed that is shot depends on the boss’ current health. Plantera’s chance of firing more devastating seeds increases as its health gets lower.
  • Normal seed: Fast-traveling projectiles that go through walls and other surfaces
  • Poison seed: Similar to the Normal seed, but can inflict poison when it hits
  • Thorn ball: A fairly slow-moving projectile but deals moderate damage
Aside from these attacks, Plantera may also fire slow-moving Fungi Spores. Players can destroy these spores, however, be careful, as these projectiles deal high damage if they hit.
Plantera Attacks - Phase 2
When the boss’ health drops below 50%, its large bulb blooms, revealing a Venus flytrap-like appearance. In this second phase of the fight, Plantera’s attacks and movement speed increase. However, most of its attack patterns remain roughly the same. Plantera’s only new attack once it reaches its second phase is the creature sprouting out minions called Biters. Thankfully, you can destroy these summoned beings as well, but stay vigilant, as these minions can still hit hard. Warning: Avoid running away from the battle arena. Doing so will make Plantera enter an enraged mode, chasing you to the ends of the current world with vicious ferocity. In this situation, pick fight instead of flight.

Plantera Loot Table

Killing Plantera will drop the Temple Key, an item needed to enter the Jungle Temple. But it also drops other items upon its death:
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Rocket I
  • Venus Magnum
  • Nettle Burst
  • Leaf Blower
  • Flower Pow
  • Wasp Gun
  • Seedler
  • Pygmy Staff
  • Thorn Hook
  • The Axe
  • Seedling
  • Zapinator
  • Plantera Mask
  • Plantera Trophy
  • Greater Healing Potion
With the Temple Key in hand, you can now proceed to the Jungle Temple and celebrate your victory over the fearsome Plantera, one of the strongest enemies in Terraria. Explore this new area to fight (and hopefully defeat) the Golem boss next. If successful, you can progress by killing the Lunatic Cultist and eventually the Moon Lord! Terraria Server
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