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Terraria Rock Golem Guide: Location, Loot Table, & Fight Tips

Posted on by justin
Some enemies in Terraria are more fearsome than others, and the Rock Golem is one of the more dangerous non-bosses lurking in the dark. With that in mind, here's where you can find Rock Golems, what they can drop for loot, and how to handle them without taking too much damage.

What is the Rock Golem in Terraria?

Terraria Rock Golem Introduced in the Journey’s End update, the Terraria Rock Golem is a Hardmode enemy with a humanoid appearance with skin covered in stone. It also has a small flower growing on its head with green patches on its shoulders. Note that Gem trees and Rock Golems are the only renewable sources of Stone Blocks in vanilla Terraria. It can be scary encountering one while you’re exploring Terraria’s depths. Despite the Rock Golem being a normal enemy, it has one of the highest health pools for regular encounters in the game. In Classic mode, it has a maximum life of 1,000, which increases to 3,000 in Master Mode. The Rock Golem is also immune to the On Fire!, Confused, Poisoned, and Hellfire debuffs.


Find the Rock Golem in the Cavern layer. This location begins below the Underground layer and extends until the Underworld layer. Also, this enemy rarely spawns, so it may take some time to encounter one.

Tips & Tricks to Beat the Rock Golem

Hit hard and fast when you encounter the Rock Golem. Equip wings to help evade the rocks it throws at you. Also, try not to get too close to it, as its melee attack is more powerful than its ranged advances. Don’t forget to equip your most powerful gear while you’re dealing with a Rock Golem. The Power Glove can be a great accessory when fighting this enemy, especially for melee weapon users. If you’re having a tough time dealing with the Rock Golem’s attacks, wear an armor set that excels in defense. One excellent example is the Turtle Armor set and its massive defensive perks.
The Rock Golem will chuck rocks at your position or slam his arms if you’re within melee range. Note that both of its attacks hit hard. A large chunk of your health will disappear if hit by one of its thrown rocks or the arm-slam attack.
Loot Table
  • Stone Block
  • Rock Golem Head
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