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How to Get Turtle Armor in Terraria

Posted on by justin
Terraria has a long path of progression, and along the way, players must keep up with the latest and greatest armor and weaponry. If you're looking for significant protection in a Hardmode world, look no further than the Turtle Armor. With that, here's how to craft the Turtle Armor Set in Terraria, how to find its required materials, and the stats and set effects you'll get.

Getting the Turtle Armor Set in Terraria

Terraria Turtle Armor As with any armor set in Terraria, the Turtle Armor has three components: the Turtle Helmet, Turtle Scale Mail, and Turtle Leggings. Below are the materials required to craft these pieces (which must be forged near the Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil):
  • Turtle Helmet: 18x Chlorophyte Bar and 1x Turtle Shell
  • Turtle Scale Mail: 12x Chlorophyte Bar and 1x Turtle Shell
  • Turtle Leggings: 24x Chlorophyte Bar and 1x Turtle Shell
Note: You must craft all pieces of the Turtle Armor in Terraria if you want to make the Beetle Armor set.

Crafting Chlorophyte Bars

Terraria Chlorophyte Bar You can craft 1 Chlorophyte Bar with 5 Chlorophyte Ore near an Adamantite or Titanium Forge. To get Chlorophyte Ore, you can mine it in Underground layers, where it has properties to help prevent the spread of Corruption or Crimson to the Underground Jungle. You can also throw a Luminite into a Shimmer Transmutation pool, but you can only get Luminite from defeating the game’s final boss – the Moon Lord. Read our Terraria Beginner’s Guide if you’re new to the game and want to gain a head start to reach the Moon Lord.

Gathering Turtle Shells

Terraria Turtle Shell Defeat the Giant Tortoise in the Hardmode Jungle biome for a small chance to obtain the Turtle Shell. True to the armor that you can craft with its material, the Giant Tortoise has a high defense for a normal enemy. So, use high DPS weapons, such as the Zenith, to defeat this creature as fast as possible.

Turtle Armor Set Stats and Set Effects

Wearing the Turtle Armor in Terraria grants the wearer 65 base defense. With that defensive prowess, this armor ranks as one of the best sets in the game. One of the only armor sets in the game that beats the Turtle Armor’s defenses is the Solar Flare Armor, which has 78 base defense. Apart from the 65 defense, wearing the entire set also reduces all incoming damage by 15%, as of version Plus, you’ll reflect double the damage you received to your attackers. The reflected attacks also deliver strong knockbacks to enemies. Your character receives other benefits from the set, which are the following:
  • +14% melee damage
  • +12% critical hit chance
  • +750 aggro
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