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Terraria Martian Saucer Boss Guide

Posted on by justin
Fighting off otherworldly creatures isn’t a rare experience in Terraria, and that extends to the intergalactic Martian Saucer boss. To reach this ship, however, you'll first need to fulfill some requirements. And if you're looking to survive the encounter, maybe some tips and tricks will help as well. With that, here's everything you need to know about the Martian Saucer in Terraria.

How to Summon the Martian Saucer Boss in Terraria

Terraria Summon Martian Saucer Introduced in version, the Martian Saucer is a post-Golem boss that comes with the Martian Madness event. Players must activate the event by finding a Martian Probe in the Space biome. However, it’s imperative that you don’t attack it. Instead, wait for it to scan your character and let it escape. If done correctly, the event starts. But the Martian Saucer won’t appear immediately. Players must reach at least 30% of the event’s completion status before this boss enters the area.

How To Beat the Martian Saucer Boss

Terraria Martian Saucer Although the Martian Saucer can be a terrifying boss, none of its attacks can penetrate walls and other surfaces. Exploit this shortcoming by creating a small house without doors in the Space biome. Then, use weapons and/or summoned minions with wall-penetrating attacks to cheese this boss into oblivion. But stay vigilant because other enemies from the event are still trying to get their hands(?) on you. So, make sure to fill the area with Campfires and Heart Lanterns to help increase your character’s natural health regeneration. You can also place Stars in Bottles if you rely on magic attacks. Also, bring healing potions and stat buffs with you. In particular, don’t be stingy when using healing potions. You don’t want to get caught in a middle of a health potion cooldown while you’re trying to survive an onslaught of attacks. Additionally, build houses for the Dryad and Nurse NPCs if you have them. The former can give you the Dryad’s Blessing buff, increasing your defense while returning some of the damage to nearby enemies. As for the Nurse, she can heal and remove debuffs instantly with a fee. Note: Failure to kill the Martian Saucer or die during the Martian Madness event will reset the instance. That means you must find another Martian Probe to reinitiate the event and attempt to defeat the boss again.
The Martian Saucer has three main attacks:
  • Locks on and fires lasers into the player’s current location, similar to The Destroyer
  • Fires small homing missiles
  • Fires a death ray and moves in the player’s direction
If you fight in a world with difficulty other than Expert, the Martian Saucer will only have a single combat phase, unlike other Hardmode bosses like the Queen Slime. On the other hand, choosing to fight this boss in Expert Mode will add a second phase to the battle, increasing the boss’ damage significantly. Note: Players can destroy the turret and cannon to reduce the Martian Saucer’s fighting capabilities.
  • Xenopopper
  • Xeno Staff
  • Laser Machinegun
  • Electrosphere Launcher
  • Influx Waver
  • Cosmic Car Key
  • Martian Saucer Trophy
  • Greater Healing Potion
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