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Terraria Magic Build Guide: Best Weapons, Armors, and Tips & Tricks

Posted on by justin
Despite their fragile nature, a character with a magic build in Terraria is typically flexible and versatile in dealing with enemies. The various magic weapons in the game can also spice things up with special mechanics like life steal and area-of-effect (AoE) damage. But how can you become the best mage in Terraria? What are the best weapons, accessories, and armor sets for this character class? Continue reading as we cover everything you'll need to put together the strongest mage build.

The Magic Class: An Overview

Terraria Magic Build Mages primarily rely on mana-consuming weapons, much like their summoner counterparts. That also means mana regeneration items are a must. Although the game provides characters with a fairly fast base mana regeneration rate, speeding it up could mean the difference between getting away and falling short. Additionally, many enemies will drop mana when killed with a magic-based weapon. Nonetheless, it’s good to have a ready stock of mana potions, particularly when dealing with tough enemies and bosses. With that, here's all of the best gear to support a Magic build in Terraria.

Best Armor

Terraria Best Armor The best defense can also be the best offensive measure in Terraria, especially for a character in Terraria following the magic build route. So, here are the best armor sets for mages in Terraria.

Jungle Armor

Terraria Jungle Armor Tired of the Wooden Armor at the beginning of the game? Aim for the Jungle Armor set next. It provides 17 base defense when wearing the entire set. Also, it reduces the wearer’s mana cost by 16% and increases the maximum mana by 80. The three components of the Jungle Armor set are the Jungle Hat, Jungle Shirt, and Jungle Pants. Crafting all three pieces requires 10x Stingers, 2x Vines, and 32x Jungle Spores, which you can all find in the Jungle biome.

Meteor Armor

Terraria Meteor Armor Over time, wearing the Jungle Armor may not be as effective as you were when you were still a beginner. You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade if you’re dealing with certain bosses and they deal more damage than anticipated. If so, it’s time to switch to the Meteor Armor set. Wearing the Meteor Armor set increases the wearer’s magic damage by 27% and provides a base defense of 16. Also, it reduces the mana cost of using the Space Gun to zero (if you’re fond of using this weapon). As a bonus, you’ll see a trail of flames as your character moves. The three components of this armor set are the Meteor Helmet, Meteor Suit, and Meteor Leggings. Crafting all three pieces requires 60x Meteorite Bars.

Forbidden Armor

Terraria Forbidden Armor After defeating the Wall of Flesh boss, you’re now in Hardmode. However, you’re still wearing the Meteor Armor set, and enemies are destroying your health faster than before. If so, you may want to gather items to craft the Forbidden Armor set. Wearing this armor set gives the wearer a base defense of 26. It also has a unique ability wherein an ancient storm appears at the cursor’s location when double-tapping the up or down buttons. This tornado-like entity will deal 20 contact damage to enemies. The armor set’s other effects are:
  • +25% magic and summon damage
  • +80 to mana
  • +2 maximum summoned minions
The Forbidden Armor has three main components: the Forbidden Mask, Forbidden Robes, and Forbidden Treads. Crafting these items requires 46x Adamantite or Titanium Bar and 3x Forbidden Fragment.

Chlorophyte Armor

Terraria Chlorophyte Armor After defeating the three mechanical bosses, you can now gather more resources in the game than before. It also means you can find materials to craft the Chlorophyte Armor. Wearing all of its pieces, the Chlorophyte Armor can summon a leaf crystal that shoots nearby enemies. It also provides the wearer with a total of 38 Defense for the entire set. Additionally, the armor pieces provide your character with the following benefits:
  • +5% damage
  • +16% magic damage
  • +15% critical hit chance
  • +5% movement speed
  • +80 maximum mana
  • -17% mana cost
The Chlorophyte Armor set for mages has three pieces: Chlorophyte Greaves, Chlorophyte Plate Mail, and Chlorophyte Headgear. Crafting the entire set also requires 54x Chlorophyte Bar. Note: The headgear for this armor set has melee and ranged variants.

Nebula Armor

Terraria Nebula Armor The Nebula Armor is arguably the best endgame set for mages in vanilla Terraria. With a base defense of 46, it has a unique gimmick that grants unique character buffs. In particular, attacking with any magic-based weapon while wearing this armor has a chance of dropping a magic booster:
  • Damage booster: +15% damage for 8 seconds
  • Life booster: +3 health/second life regeneration for 8 seconds
  • Mana booster: +10 mana regeneration per second for 8 seconds
Plus, wearing the entire set gives the wearer these bonuses:
  • +60 maximum mana
  • +26% magic damage
  • +16% magic critical hit chance
  • −15% mana cost
  • +10% movement speed
The Nebula Armor set’s three components are the Nebula Breastplate, Nebula Helmet, and Nebula Leggings. Crafting the three pieces needs 20x Nebula Fragment and 16x Luminite Bar.

Best Weapons

Terraria Best Magic Weapon There’s no shortage of magic weapons for a character with the magic build in Terraria. Here are the best weapons you can use from early to endgame.

Ruby Staff

Terraria Ruby Staff Starting out the game as a mage can be tough with the few magic weapons at your disposal. Nonetheless, the Ruby Staff should help you get by with many early-game enemies before you start fighting bosses. The Ruby Staff has the following stats and effects:
  • 21 base magic damage
  • 4.75 knockback
  • 7 mana cost per use
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Magic bolts pierce one enemy
Crafting the Ruby Staff requires 10x Gold Bar and 8x Ruby. Despite it being an early-game magic weapon, it’s still one of the strongest staves during the game’s early stages.

Space Gun

Terraria Space Gun If you’re upgrading to the Meteor Armor set, consider pairing it with the Space Gun. That way, you won’t have to worry about this weapon’s 6 mana cost. Additionally, this mana-using firearm has the following stats and effects:
  • 17 base magic damage
  • 0.75 knockback
  • 6 mana cost per use (0 if wearing the Meteor Armor)
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Magic bullets pierce two enemies
Crafting the Space Gun requires 20x Meteorite Bar. Players must also be near an Iron or Lead Anvil to make this weapon.

Meteor Staff

Terraria Meteor Staff You may want to ditch the Space Gun for a more powerful weapon once you enter Hardmode. Note that the Meteor Staff is a great option for early Hardmode moments. With it, the wielder can take advantage of the following stats and effects:
  • 50 base magic damage
  • 4.5 knockback
  • 9 mana cost per use
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Summon meteors from the sky at the cursor’s position
Crafting this weapon requires 20x Meteorite Bar, 10x Soul of Light, and 10x Pixie Dust. Players must also be near a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil to make this weapon.

Bat Scepter

Terraria Bat Scepter The Bat Scepter can only be acquired after defeating Plantera. Attacking with this magic weapon will “summon” homing bats. Note that these summoned beings can’t pass through walls and will dissipate upon hitting an object or enemy. This weapon has the following stats and effects:
  • 45 base magic damage
  • 3 knockback
  • 6 mana cost per use
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Summons bats with each attack
Players can only acquire the Bat Scepter by defeating the Pumpking boss from the Pumpkin Moon event.

Last Prism

Terraria Last Prism Players who stick with the magic build throughout Terraria can use the Last Prism as their main magic-damage-dealing weapon by endgame. It also has one of the highest base DPS in the entire game. However, it also means that the Last Prism consumes mana faster than most magic weapons in Terraria. This weapon’s stats and effects are:
  • 100 base magic damage
  • 0.25 knockback
  • 12 mana cost per use
  • 4% critical hit chance
  • Fires a disintegrating rainbow at enemies near and far
The Last Prism only drops from the Moon Lord. Players can also hold the attack button to maintain the laser. But it’ll continuously drain mana while the laser is out.

Best Accessory

Terraria Best Mage Accessory This section won’t cover most of the accessories in Terraria, especially those in the early- to mid-game. It’s because many accessories can get you through the game’s content. Plus, you can mix these items depending on your unique play style. Instead, here are the best endgame accessories for the character with a magic build in Terraria.

Celestial Emblem

Terraria Celestial Emblem The Celestial Emblem is a Hardmode accessory that increases the pickup range for mana stars. It also enhances the wearer’s magic damage by 15%. Note that crafting this item needs you to combine the Celestial Magnet and Avenger Emblem accessories at the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

Celestial Cuffs

Terraria Celestial Cuffs Don’t mistake the Celestial Cuffs for the Celestial Emblem (or vice versa). You can obtain the cuffs before Hardmode, unlike the Emblem. It has a similar vacuum effect when picking up mana stars when comparing it with the Emblem. But the similarities end at that point. With the Celestial Cuffs, the bearer’s maximum mana increases by 20. Plus, it restores the user’s mana when damaged. Crafting the Celestial Cuffs requires the Celestial Magnet and Magic Cuffs items. Also, you must be near the Tinkerer’s Workshop to access this accessory’s crafting option.

Mana Regeneration Band

Terraria Mana Regeneration Band Almost never run out of mana ever again with the Mana Regeneration Band. True to its name, it increases the mana regeneration rate significantly. As a bonus, it also increases the wearer’s maximum mana by 20. To craft this item, you must combine the Band of Starpower and Band of Regeneration items. Also, you must be near the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

Arcane Flower

Terraria Arcane Flower Added in version, the Arcane Flower combines the effects of the two other accessories used to make it: the Mana Flower and Putrid Scent. In particular, it reduces the player’s mana cost by 8%, and enemies are less likely to target you. Additionally, it grants the unique mechanic of automatically using mana potions.

Mana Cloak

Terraria Mana Cloak Like the Arcane Flower, the Mana Cloak combines two accessories into one item. This time, it takes advantage of the Mana Flower and Star Cloak’s effects. That means the user has an 8% reduced mana cost when using magic items and will cause mana recovery stars upon taking damage. You’ll also have the automatic mana potion usage that the Arcane Flower has when wearing the Mana Cloak.

Additional Tips & Tricks

Terraria Magic Tips and Tricks You might have the best weapons, accessories, and armor sets as a character with a magic build in Terraria. However, these endgame items may not give you enough value if you have difficulty using this character class. So, here are some practical tips and tricks you can use that can boost your magic-wielding prowess in Terraria.
  • Mobility is vital to your survival. Equip a pair of wings or ride a mine cart when fighting bosses to reduce damage taken.
  • Make a mana potion farm. That way, you won’t run out of health and mana potions.
  • Prepare for any boss fight. Take the time to create an arena for each boss to improve your chances of winning.
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