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How To Get Crimson Armor In Terraria

Posted on by justin
The Crimson Armor is a great early to mid-game armor set in Terraria. Aside from its decent defense, it also improves the user’s survivability significantly thanks to its full set effect. With that, here's what you'll need to don the Crimson Armor in Terraria.

How to Get the Crimson Armor Set In Terraria

Terraria Crimson Armor Set Terraria’s Crimson Armor set has three components: the Crimson Helmet, Crimson Scalemail, and Crimson Greaves. Crafting each piece requires players to gather and combine 60 x Crimtane Bars and 45 x Tissue Sample.

Crafting The Crimtane Bar

Terraria Crimtane Bar Players must craft 3 x Crimtane Ore near an Iron or Lead Anvil to make one Crimtane Bar. On the other hand, Crimtane Ore is the alternative to Demonite Ore. That also means that the easiest way to make the Crimson Armor set is in a world with The Crimson. An alternate way of gathering Crimtane Ores is by killing the Brain of Cthulhu and Eye of Cthulhu bosses. Killing the Brain of Cthulhu has a 100% chance to drop 30 to 70 x Crimtane Ore per kill. Killing the Eye of Cthulhu also has a 100% chance of dropping Crimtane Ores, but the amount ranges from 30 to 87. However, killing this boss may drop Demonite Ores instead of Crimtane Ores. If lucky, players can gather all the Crimtane Ores needed to craft each piece of the Crimson Armor set after killing one or two Brain of Cthulhu or Eye of Cthulhu bosses. Otherwise, players might need to kill these bosses a few more times to get a sufficient amount of Crimtane Ores needed for the Crimson Armor. DON’T MISS IT: Terraria Zenith Crafting Guide: Requirements, Materials, Stats & More

Gathering Tissue Samples

Terraria Tissue Sample Players can obtain Tissue Samples by killing the Brain of Cthulhu boss. Each kill should drop 30 to 70 x Tissue Sample. Like farming Crimtane Bars from the same boss, players may only need to kill this enemy once. Otherwise, additional kills might be necessary. Note: Summoning the Brain of Cthulhu requires destroying 3 x Pulsating Heart in a Terraria map with The Crimson.

Crimson Armor Set Stats And Full Set Effects

Terraria Crimson Armor Wearing the full Crimson Armor set grants the user with the following effects and stats:
  • 19 base defense
  • +6% increased damage
  • Greatly enhanced natural HP regen (full set effect)
Aside from checking the number on the HP, players can see the Crimson Armor’s life regen effect by looking at the character’s sprite. In particular, red particles will show when the HP regen is active. These particles also appear regardless of the character’s current state of mobility. DON’T MISS IT: Terraria Potions: Effects And Recipes [A Definitive Guide] You can try on the Crimson Armor set in Terraria, along with other armors in the game, with one of our dedicated servers here.
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