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How to Tame a Gecko in Smalland

Posted on by justin
Even apart from other Smallfolk, you don’t have to be alone while exploring Smalland’s map. You can tame different creatures to join you as companions, and one notable example is the Gecko. So, continue reading to learn how to tame a Gecko in Smalland.

How to Tame a Gecko in Smalland

Smalland Gecko

Taming Requirements

First, you must defeat the Rhino Beetle. Then, interact with Skadi, which you can find in a small hut between the Beach and the Oak Forest. Upon hearing of your victory, Skadi will give you the recipe for the Gecko Treat. Use the Cauldron to craft this Gecko taming item. The ingredients to make it are the following:
  • 2x Ant Head
  • 2x Bee Head
  • 1x Petal
  • 2x Seed Oil
You can find most ingredients from killing enemy creatures and cutting down plants. In particular, kill Bull Ants for the Ant Heads, defeat Bees to collect Bee Heads, and cut flowers like Poppies for Petals. However, you must use a Stonecutter to craft a Seed Oil. If you don’t have this crafting station yet, build it using the following materials:
  • 10x Stone
  • 1x Bottlecap
  • 1x Screw
  • 10x Wood
With the Stonecutter placed, interact with it to craft Seed Oil. This time, you need 1x Seeds to create 1x Seed Oil from this crafting station.

How to Tame

Now that you have the Gecko Treat, your next step is to find a Gecko in Smalland. Although you can find this creature scattered across the map, you’ll typically find it east of the Rhino Beetle. Next, attack the Gecko until it’s below 50% health. If you have the Gecko Treat, a “Tame” option should appear when its health is reasonably low. At this point, you only need to press “F,” and you now have a newfound Gecko friend. Note: Players can now tame and keep more than one creature after Patch #5.

Uses for a Tamed Gecko

Aside from being an excellent mount, the Smalland Gecko is an excellent fighter. It has a reasonably large health pool and can deal significant damage to certain enemies, particularly Green Beetles. Also, Geckos can climb diagonal surfaces faster than other tamed mounts. Note: A tamed Gecko in Smalland gains experience when you bring it with you on excursions as of the Forbidden Monuments update.
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