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Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm Guide: Farm Layout, Blue Grass, & More

Posted on by justin
Stardew Valley Update 1.6 is finally here, bringing a new farm type for players: the Meadowlands Farm. This new farm layout presents new challenges and opportunities for new and returning Stardew Valley players alike. So, continue reading as we dive into the new Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm and its offerings.

Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm: An Overview

Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm The Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm is selectable upon starting a new game. Selecting this farm type gives you an overview of the farm's layout, advantages, and shortcomings. In particular, you'll learn that this farm layout is ideal for farmers who prefer raising livestock over farming plants. Starting a new game with this farm layout lets you start the game with a small coop with two chickens. Additionally, you’ll receive 15x Hay instead of the standard Turnip Seeds.

Farm Layout

Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm Layout The image above shows what the Meadowlands Farm looks like at the beginning of the game. Debris still litters the area, and it’s your job to remove the rubbish to make the most of the farmland. Aside from the junk, you'll also find a cave with mushrooms and fruit bats south of the farmhouse. Travel west from the residence, and you'll run into the free chicken coop surrounded by a wooden fence. The ruined greenhouse, which you can repair by completing Community Center bundles, sits beside the coop. This farm layout also has a bridge and a Teleport Totem. Additionally, there are three ponds and a flowing river to help you catch fish and refill the watering can.

Chewy Blue Grass

Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm Blue Grass Stardew Valley Update 1.6 also brings a new grass type to Stardew Valley: Blue Grass. It’s readily available at the farm from the beginning. Players can also purchase the Blue Grass Starter Recipe from Qi’s Shop at Ginger Island.

Natural Acquisition

As mentioned earlier, getting Blue Grass is easy if you start with a new game with the Meadowlands Farm layout. Additionally, this grass type naturally sprouts and spreads during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

Use Blue Grass Starters

Those who didn’t start with the Meadowlands Farm can still get Blue Grass by crafting it from Blue Grass Starters. Purchase this item from Qi’s Shop, which requires you to access Ginger Island first. Note: Read our Stardew Valley Ginger Island Guide to learn how to unlock this region. However, accessing Qi's Shop generally requires players to progress until the game's late stages. Thankfully, planting Blue Grass doesn't require special instructions. In particular, the process of planting Blue Grass is the same as that of ordinary grass. Over time, the mature Blue Grass extends to other tiles, providing additional food for your livestock. It's also important to mention that one of the crafting ingredients to the Blue Grass Starter recipe is the Blue Syrup. It's a late-game item you can only get from blue trees and by unlocking the Foraging mastery.

Farmland Real Estate

Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm Real Estate Highlighting the Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm during the farm selection portion says this layout isn’t the best for growing crops. Although you can still grow a range of crops on this farm, the farmable land is smaller than other layouts, reducing your plant options.

Grandpa’s Shrine

Stardew Valley Grandpa's Shrine Grandpa left you the farm after his passing, but it doesn’t mean he’s not around to give you some helpful advice. Every farm layout, including the Meadowlands Farm, has a Grandpa’s Shrine. Here, you can ask Grandpa to rate your farm, and he’ll answer by lighting candles. The more candles lit, the higher the rating. However, some new Stardew Valley players might find it difficult to find Grandpa's Shrine at the Meadowlands Farm. You can find this spiritual space in the northern part of the farm near the greenhouse. Note that a tree hides the entrance to the shrine from view.

Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm Tips and Tricks

Although the Meadowlands Farm in Stardew Valley doesn’t offer a massive space for farming crops, it’s a haven for caring for animals. So, farmers can focus more on producing items from farm animals, such as eggs from chickens and milk from cows. This farm style also opens up certain strategies, such as the following:

Start With a Small Farm

Stardew Valley Small Farm Set up a small garden in front of the farmhouse as soon as possible. Remember, selling crops is still one of the primary methods of earning money in Stardew Valley. Also, you need the extra cash to ensure you have the materials needed to care for livestock.

Buy More Chickens

Stardew Valley Chickens Purchase additional chickens when you can. Thankfully, the Meadowlands Farm starts you off with a coop and two chickens. However, the extra chickens give you additional eggs, increasing your return on investment. Travel to Marnie's Ranch from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Here, purchase chickens for 800 gold pieces each. Additionally, place the eggs into Mayonnaise Machines and sell the Mayonnaise. Note that an ordinary egg sells for 50 to 120 gold pieces, while Mayonnaise yields 190 to 532 gold pieces.

Craft a Barn and a Shed

Stardew Valley Barn Build a Barn and Shed as soon as you can. That way, you can place items in the Shed to help declutter the farmland, preserving the little space you have for crops. As for the Barn, it allows you to keep additional livestock, namely cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and ostriches. The items these farm animals produce can help increase your ROI even further.
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