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Stardew Valley Maple Syrup Guide: How to Get, Uses, & Requirements

Posted on by justin
Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley is one of the game’s more profitable items, especially during the early stages. So, how can you gather the gooey goodness? Here, we'll cover how to gather Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley, the things you can use it for (including quests), and more!

How to Get Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Maple Syrup Acquire Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley by placing a Tapper on a Maple Tree. You can make this piece of refining equipment by unlocking the recipe at Foraging Level 3. Then, craft it using 40x Wood and 2x Copper Bar. Note that harvesting the Tapper for Maple Syrup takes 9 in-game days.

Ways to Use Maple Syrup

There are many ways players can make use of Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley, as a valuable consumable, valuable sales commodity, a construction material, an ingredient, or even to complete several quests. Selling Maple Syrup will yield 200 gold pieces each (250 gold pieces with the Tapper profession). If consumed, it’ll restore 50 energy and 22 health. You can also use it to complete the Strange Note Quest (as of version 1.3.27). Alternatively, cook 1x Maple Syrup with 1x Sugar and 1x Wheat Flour to make a Maple Bar. Consuming this cooked item restores 225 energy and 101 health. Also, it’ll add one level to your Farming, Fishing, and Mining skills. Note: Watch The Queen of Sauce TV show on Summer 14 of Year 2 to acquire the Maple Bar recipe. Another use for the Maple Syrup is to craft a Bee House. The ingredients for this structure are the following:
  • 40x Wood
  • 8x Coal
  • 1x Iron Bar
  • 1x Maple Syrup
Note: The recipe for the Bee House will become available after reaching Farming Level 3. The Maple Syrup is also a requirement to complete the Chef’s Bundle for the Bulletin Board and Exotic Foraging Bundle for the Crafts Room at the Community Center. Otherwise, use this item as a Sewing Machine spool to make the Floppy Beanie. Many villagers also “like” to receive Maple Syrup as a present, but do note that one villager does dislike it, Maru.
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