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Stardew Valley Money Making Guide: 10 Best Items to Sell

Posted on by justin
Caring for a farm is tough if you’re penniless, especially in Stardew Valley. Thankfully, the game has plenty of ways to make money, and some are much more effective than others, and many take proper planning. With that, here's our Stardew Valley money-making guide covering the best items to sell in the game and base your farm around.

Making Money in Stardew Valley: Best Items to Sell

Stardew Valley Money Making Guide Below are 10 of the best-selling items in Stardew Valley. The following items aren’t only lucrative but also aren’t too challenging to find and/or craft.

10. Slime Eggs

Beginners may start amassing their wealth by killing slimes. You can find these monsters in various locations across Stardew Valley. Plus, slimes are fairly abundant in The Mines. Once you have 100x Slime, place the items in a Slime Egg-Press. Doing so will create a Slime Egg, which you can sell for 1,000 to 8,000 gold pieces, depending on the color of the egg. Alternatively, you can purchase a Slime Hutch from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop for 10,000 gold pieces. Here, you can breed Slimes, giving you a frequent supply of Slime Eggs to sell.

9. Cloth

Another profitable item for new players and veterans, Cloth is an Artisan Good made from Wool. Note that you can sell Wool for 350 to 816 gold pieces (depending on the item quality and chosen profession). However, spend 240 in-game minutes to transform that item into Cloth. You only need 1x Wool to produce 1x Cloth from the Loom. But there’s also a small chance that the fixture gives 2x Cloth per 1x Wool. The chance increases if you place high-quality Wool in the Loom. A piece of Cloth sells for 470 to 658 gold pieces. The selling price increases if you choose the Rancher or Artisan profession, the latter giving the highest value for this item. Note: Cloth is one of the items required for the Artisan Bundle in the Community Center to rebuild the Pantry.

8. Hops

Hops is a summer crop with an initial growth period of 11 days. Each Hops plant sold will only yield 25 to 55 gold pieces. However, the Hops Starter is a low-cost seed you can buy for 60 gold pieces at the General Store. Plus, Hops has a regrowth period of one day, making it a profitable relatively quick and easy way to earn money in the game’s early stages. Note: Hops is a requirement to make Pale Ale, which is a more lucrative Stardew Valley item.

7. Fairy Rose Honey

Honey is a great way to earn passive income in Stardew Valley. You can sell it for 200 to 560 gold pieces (depending on the item’s quality and if you chose the Artisan profession). But you can increase your profits from this item by placing a Bee House next to Fairy Roses. If so, you can acquire Fairy Rose Honey, which sells for 680 to 952 gold pieces. Start profiting from Fairy Rose Honey by making a Bee House, which you can start crafting after completing the Fall Crops Bundle at the Community Center. The materials needed to make this structure are:
  • 40x Wood
  • 8x Coal
  • 1x Iron Bar
  • 1x Maple Syrup
As for the Fairy Rose, you can purchase Fairy Seeds from the General Store for 200 gold pieces per pack. Note that you can only purchase and plant the seed pack during Fall. But you can bypass its planting restrictions by growing Fairy Rose in the Greenhouse. Next, place the Bee House and the Fairy Rose plant beside each other. Then, you can reap the rewards of your hard work once every four days.

6. Rabbit’s Foot

It’s questionable how you can harvest Rabbit’s Foot from the Rabbit in Stardew Valley. Nonetheless, you can “get” the item by interacting with the creature if the animal has sufficient friendship, mood, and daily luck. But a piece of Rabbit’s Foot will sell for 565 to 1,365 gold pieces (depending on the item’s quality and if you have the Rancher profession). You can start gathering Rabbit’s Feet by upgrading the Coop to a Big/Deluxe Coop from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop for 20,000 gold pieces. Then, each Rabbit you buy costs 8,000 gold pieces. Note: Most NPCs (except Penny) love receiving Rabbit’s Foot as a present.

5. Corn

If you don’t have the Greenhouse yet, you can plant and sell Corn from Summer to Fall. It’s a multi-season crop you can plant by purchasing Corn Seeds at the General Store for 150 gold pieces. Each Corn plant has an initial growth period of 14 days and a regrowth stage of 4 days. Each corn cob sold yields 50 to 110 gold pieces (depending on the item’s quality and if you have the Tiller profession). Tip: Place a piece of Corn in an Oil Maker to make Oil, which sells for 100 gold pieces.

4. Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil sells for 1,065 gold pieces, or 1,491 gold pieces if you have the Artisan profession. You can gather Truffle for the oil by letting pigs out on the farm. Check out our guide on Truffle Oil to learn how to make the item.

3. Pale Ale

As mentioned earlier, you can make Pale Ale from Hops using a Keg. It takes 1 to 2 days to process, but selling a piece yields 300 to 840 gold pieces (depending on the item’s quality and if you have the Artisan profession). Complete the Artisan Bundle for the Pantry in the Community Center to receive the Keg crafting recipe. Once acquired, craft the fixture by using the following materials:
  • 30x Wood
  • 1x Copper Bar
  • 1x Iron Bar
  • 1x Oak Resin

2. Starfruit

Starfruit arguably has the highest value for any raw crop in the game. One piece sells for 750 to 1,650 gold pieces (depending on the item’s quality and if you have the Tiller profession). It also takes 13 days to grow with no regrowth period. That means you can only grow and harvest Starfruit twice in summer. But you can bypass this limitation if you grow Starfruit in the Greenhouse.

1. Wine

Although Wine takes 10,000 in-game minutes to make, it yields 3x the selling price of the fruit used. So, placing a Starfruit in the Keg creates Starfruit Wine that’ll sell for 2,250 to 9,900 gold pieces (depending on the item’s quality and if you have the Artisan profession). Aside from using the Keg, you can also use the Cask (as of version 1.1) to make Wine, along with Beer, Cheese, Mead, Pale Ale, and Goat Cheese. Get the recipe for this fixture from the final Farmhouse upgrade. Then, craft it using the following materials:
  • 20x Wood
  • 1x Hardwood
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