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Stardew Valley Event Calendar: Birthdays, Festivals, & Events

Posted on by justin
Sometimes, entering Pelican Town on a particular day in Stardew Valley may trigger a scene. This event can be anything from a festival to a villager’s birthday. So, don’t forget to check out the Stardew Valley event calendar, a piece of furniture on the wall of your farmhouse.

Stardew Valley Event Dates

Stardew Valley Event Calendar Although the Stardew Valley Event Calendar exists, returning to your farmhouse frequently can be cumbersome to check on important dates. But you can also view these events at the front of Pierre’s General Store by the “Help Wanted” board. On the other hand, you can monitor the game’s events by looking at the list below.

Spring Events

  • Spring 4: Kent’s birthday
  • Spring 7: Lewis’ birthday
  • Spring 10: Vincent’s birthday
  • Spring 13: Egg Festival
  • Spring 14: Haley’s birthday
  • Spring 15 to 18: Salmonberry Season
  • Spring 20: Shane’s birthday
  • Spring 26: Pierre’s birthday
  • Spring 27: Emily’s birthday

Summer Events

  • Summer 4: Jas’ birthday
  • Summer 8: Gus’ birthday
  • Summer 10: Maru’s birthday
  • Summer 11: Luau
  • Summer 12 to 14: Extra items washing up on the beach
  • Summer 13: Alex’s birthday
  • Summer 17: Sam’s birthday
  • Summer 19: Demetrius’ birthday
  • Summer 22: Dwarf’s birthday
  • Summer 24: Willy’s birthday
  • Summer 26: Leo’s birthday
  • Summer 28: Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

Fall Events

  • Fall 2: Penny’s birthday
  • Fall 5: Elliott’s birthday
  • Fall 8 to 11: Blackberry Season
  • Fall 11: Jodi’s birthday
  • Fall 13: Abigail’s birthday
  • Fall 15: Sandy’s birthday
  • Fall 16: Stardew Valley Fair
  • Fall 18: Marnie’s birthday
  • Fall 21: Robin’s birthday
  • Fall 24: George’s birthday
  • Fall 27: Spirit’s Eve

Winter Events

  • Winter 1: Krobus’ birthday
  • Winter 3: Linus’ birthday
  • Winter 7: Caroline’s birthday
  • Winter 8: Festival of Ice
  • Winter 10: Sebastian’s birthday
  • Winter 14: Harvey’s birthday
  • Winter 15 to 17: Night Market
  • Winter 17: Wizard’s birthday
  • Winter 20: Evelyn’s birthday
  • Winter 23: Leah’s birthday
  • Winter 25: Feast of the Winter Star
  • Winter 26: Clint’s birthday
Remember, each season in Stardew Valley lasts 28 days. However, you can play the game indefinitely, meaning you can repeat these events as often as you want. Note: Upcoming wedding days will appear on the Stardew Valley event calendar as of version 1.4.
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