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Stardew Valley Bookseller Guide - Locations, Dates, Books, & All Prices

Posted on by justin
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Stardew Valley Update 1.6 brings a plethora of new features and content, including a new NPC that goes well with the new Mastery System. This NPC is the Bookseller, and players can buy various books from this NPC. Reading these books can provide multiple benefits, including increasing skill XP and improving movement speed. So, without further ado, here’s our guide for the Stardew Valley Bookseller.

Stardew Valley Bookseller Guide

Introduced in Stardew Valley version 1.6, the Bookseller is a new NPC that sells books. He's a traveling merchant who sells his wares twice a month. This NPC also offers a good range of books, albeit most are relatively expensive.

Bookseller Location

Stardew Valley Bookseller The Bookseller appears northeast of town on the open field above Joja Mart. You'll know when this NPC visits when the message "The Bookseller is in town today" appears on your screen.

Bookseller Visiting Dates

Stardew Valley Bookseller Dates As mentioned earlier, the Bookseller isn't a permanent Pelican Town or Stardew Valley resident. Instead, he visits the town on random dates. Thankfully, players can check the calendar outside Pierre's General Store to see when the Bookseller will visit.

Bookseller Books & Prices

Stardew Valley Bookseller Books Primarily, players can purchase books from the Stardew Valley Bookseller. The books you can buy from this NPC are the following:
  • Bait and Bobber (10,000 gold pieces): Additional Fishing experience
  • Book of Stars (15,000 gold pieces): Additional experience to all skills
  • Combat Quarterly (5,000 gold pieces): Additional Combat experience
  • Friendship 101 (20,000 gold pieces): Increase relationship XP gain speed
  • Horse: The Book (25,000 gold pieces): Increase movement speed when riding the horse
  • Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Thick (20,000 gold pieces): +1 Defense
  • Mining Monthly (8,000 gold pieces): Additional Mining experience
  • Ol’ Slitherlegs (25,000 gold pieces): Run faster when moving through grass and crops
  • Price Catalogue (3,000 gold pieces): See the value of your items
  • Queen of Sauce Cookbook (10,000 gold pieces): Learn any Queen of Sauce recipe that isn’t learned
  • Stardew Valley Almanac (10,000 gold pieces): Additional Farming experience
  • Way Of The Wind pt. 1 (15,000 gold pieces): Increase movement speed
  • Way Of The Wind pt. 2 (35,000 gold pieces): Further increases movement speed
  • Woodcutter’s Weekly (8,000 gold pieces): Additional Foraging experience
Apart from buying books from the Stardew Valley Bookseller, players can trade their books for items through this NPC. These tradeable items and their costs are the following:
  • 1x Slime Incubator: 2x Monster Compendium
  • 8x Fairy Dust: 1x Book of Stars
  • 2x Pepper Poppers: 1x Stardew Valley Almanac
  • 30x Deluxe Bait: 1x Bait and Bobber
  • 100x Wood: 1x Woodcutter’s Weekly
  • 20x Coal: 1x Mining Monthly
  • 1x Monster Musk: 1x Combat Quarterly
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