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Stardew Valley Barn Guide: How to Get, Upgrades, Costs, & All Livestock

Posted on by justin
Restoring your grandfather’s farm to its former glory isn’t easy, especially with its unkemptness upon receiving it. With that, one of the structures you should bring back to the farm is the barn. So, here’s how to get and upgrade the Barn in Stardew Valley.

How to Get the Barn in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Barn Like buying the Coop, you can purchase the standard Barn from Robin at her Carpenter’s Shop (which is also her house) at 24 Mountain Road. If you have the necessary materials and money, Robin will begin building the structure at your farm. It’ll also take three in-game days for her to complete the task. Note: You can’t talk or give presents to Robin while she’s working on the Barn. Robin will ask for the following items and cash to build the standard Barn:
  • 350x Wood
  • 150x Stone
  • 6,000 gold pieces
Additionally, the standard Barn in Stardew Valley will have the following perks:
  • Maximum livestock capacity: 4
  • Livestock: Cow and Ostrich
  • Features: Hay Hopper and Feeding Bench
Note: Avoid closing the Barn door while the animals are still outside. Otherwise, your livestock will become grumpy.

Barn Upgrades and Livestock

Stardew Valley Barn Upgrades Upgrading the Barn in Stardew Valley can enhance its perks, improving your return on investment (ROI). However, regardless of its upgrades, the Barn’s exterior footprint remains the same at 7x4 tiles. Below are the requirements for each barn upgrade and the additions for each tier:

Big Barn

  • Building Cost: 12,000 gold pieces
  • Materials needed: 450x Wood and 200x Stone
  • Maximum livestock capacity: 8
  • Livestock additions: Goat
  • Extra features: Enables livestock pregnancy

Big Barn

  • Building Cost: 25,000 gold pieces
  • Materials needed: 550x Wood and 300x Stone
  • Maximum livestock capacity: 12
  • Livestock additions: Sheep and Pig
  • Extra features: Autofeed System
Note: It takes Robin two in-game days to upgrade the Barn, unlike the three days it took her to build the structure initially. So, you must spend 1,350x Wood, 650x Stone, and 43,000 gold pieces to purchase the standard Barn and upgrade it to its maximum tier.
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