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Space Engineers

Space Engineers Uranium Farming Guide: Locations, Appearance, & Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
Crafting late-game ammunition in Space Engineers typically requires endgame materials. One of these ingredients in Space Engineers is Uranium, which grants you access to crafting ammo like rockets and artillery shells. But the question is, where can you find this precious ore? Keep reading as we answer this concern for your convenience.

What is Uranium Used For in Space Engineers?

Space Engineers Uranium Like other minerals, such as Platinum and Silver, Uranium in Space Engineers has two variants: ore and ingot. You must gather its ore before you can refine the material to its ingot counterpart. Uranium Ore, by itself, doesn’t offer much use. Refine it into the Uranium Ingot, and you can craft different ammunition with it. Uranium, particularly its ore variant, is also the rarest naturally-occurring ore in Space Engineers at the time of writing.

Uranium Ore Locations

As of patch 1.189, Space Engineers players can no longer find Uranium Ore in planets. Instead, you can only find it on asteroids. You’ll know if you found a Uranium Ore gathering spot by its color, which has a mixture of dark gray and deep black. The ore deposit is also reasonably visible under sunlight.

Uranium Crafting Recipes

Use the Refinery to craft 100x Uranium Ore into 1x Uranium ingot. It also takes 4 seconds for this process to complete at the functional block. With a Uranium Ingot, you can use it to power reactors. Alternatively, craft ammunition with it, which are the following:
  • Rocket: 55x Iron Ingot, 7x Nickel Ingot, 0.20x Silicon Wafer, 0.10x Uranium Ingot, 0.04x Platinum Ingot, and 1.20x Magnesium Powder
  • Small Railgun Sabot: 4x Iron Ingot, 0.50x Nickel Ingot, 5x Silicon Wafer, and 0.20x Uranium Ingot
  • Large Railgun Sabot: 20x Iron Ingot, 3x Nickel Ingot, 30x Silicon Wafer, and 1x Uranium Ingot
  • Artillery Shell: 60x Iron Ingot, 8x Nickel Ingot, 5x Magnesium Powder, and 0.10x Uranium Ingot
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