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Space Engineers

Space Engineers Silver Farming Guide: Locations, Appearance, & Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
Space Engineers is a game that heavily rewards players for their hard work, especially when collecting materials. In particular, gather Silver in Space Engineers, and you can craft many relevant items like a high-level weapon and components needed to make certain functional blocks. Here's where you can find Silver in Space Engineers and everything you can use it for when crafting.

What is Silver in Space Engineers?

Space Engineers Silver Like other in-game materials, Silver in Space Engineers has two variants: ore and ingot. Like other games with smelting mechanics, you must gather sufficient Silver Ore to refine it into Silver Ingot. You’ll know if you struck a Silver Ore gathering point by looking at its light-gray color. It can be easy to mistake the cluster for Platinum Ore because of the similar appearance, but Silver Ore is rougher than its Platinum counterpart.

Silver Ore Locations

You can find Silver in Space Engineers on various asteroids, moons, and planets. However, you must dig deep into surfaces to find Silver Ore gathering points. Once you do find them, it's worth marking them if they're too far out so you know how to get back to them. While it may seem tedious, it's important to pay close attention to your surroundings when searching for Silver Ore, particularly on asteroids, as you might mistake it for ordinary space rock.

Silver Crafting Recipes

To craft with Silver in Space Engineers, you must refine 10x Silver Ore at the Refinery to make 1x Silver Ingot. Then, combine a sufficient amount of Silver Ingot with other materials at the Assembler to craft items. The items you can craft with Silver Ingots include the following:
  • Medical Components: 60x Iron Ingot, 70x Nickel Ingot, and 20x Silver Ingot
  • Reactor Components: 15x Iron Ingot, 20x Gravel, and 5x Silver Ingot
  • Gravity Generator Components: 5x Silver Ingot, 10x Gold Ingot, 220x Cobalt Ingot, and 600x Iron Ingot
  • Proficient Welder: 5x Iron Ingot, 1x Nickel Ingot, 0.2x Ingot, and 2x Silver Ingot
  • Proficient Hand Drill (introduced in Update 1.008.004): 20x Iron Ingot, 3x Nickel Ingot, 3x Silicon Wafer, and 2x Silver Ingot
  • Proficient Grinder: 3x Iron Ingot, 1x Nickel Ingot, 1x Cobalt Ingot, 2x Silicon Wafer, and 2x Silver Ingot
  • Elite Automatic Rifle: 3x Iron Ingot, 1x Nickel Ingot, 4x Platinum Ingot, and 6x Silver Ingot
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