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Space Engineers

Space Engineers Platinum Farming Guide: Locations, Appearance, & Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
Deep space doesn’t have to feel empty, especially in Space Engineers. This space exploration and sandbox title sometimes rewards your curiosity with rare items. With that, one notable end-game item in Space Engineers is Platinum, and it can be pretty challenging to find.

What is Platinum in Space Engineers?

Space Engineers Platinum Platinum Ore is a base material in Space Engineers distinguishable by its smooth yet lustrous appearance (it’s less shiny than Silver but smoother than Silicon). Platinum in Space Engineers has two variants: ore and ingot. You must gather the former and then refine it to obtain the latter.

Platinum Ore Locations

In Space Engineers, Platinum Ore only exists on asteroids and moons, not planets, and this mineral doesn’t spawn on every asteroid and moon either. Its light-gray color can also make it difficult to see at first glance as it can blend with surrounding terrain relatively well. These details make it a frustrating mineral to farm, but it remains one of the most important in the game.

Platinum Crafting Recipes

To transform Platinum into a Platinum Ingot, simply process 200x Platinum Ore in a Refinery. This process only takes 3 seconds to complete. Once you have sufficient Platinum Ingots, you can use those refined minerals in the Assembler to create end-game items. The items you can build with this material include the following:
  • Thruster Components: 30x Iron Ingot, 10x Cobalt Ingot, 1x Gold Ingot, and 0.4x Platinum Ingot
  • Elite Hand Drill: 20x Iron Ingot, 3x Nickel Ingot, 3x Silicon Wafer, and 2x Platinum Ingot
  • Elite Welder: 5x Iron Ingot, 1x Nickel Ingot, 0.2x Cobalt Ingot, and 2x Platinum Ingot
  • Elite Grinder: 3x Iron Ingot, 1x Nickel Ingot, 1x Cobalt Ingot, 2x Silicon Wafer, and 2x Platinum Ingot
  • Elite Automatic Rifle: 3x Iron Ingot, 1x Nickel Ingot, 6x Silver Ingot, and 4x Platinum Ingot
  • Rocket (known as 200mm Missile Container before version 1.202): 1.2x Magnesium Powder, 0.1x Uranium Ingot, 0.2x Silicon Wafer, 7x Nickel Ingot, 55x Iron Ingot, and 0.04x Platinum Ingot
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