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Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Slingshot in Sons Of The Forest

Posted on by justin
Fighting cannibals and mutants at close range can be deadly, especially for new players. Dealing with these enemies from afar instead can help increase survivability - but with so many ranged weapons gated until later in the game, early on, ranged combat is hard to come by. One particular beginner-friendly ranged weapon in Sons of the Forest, however, is the Slingshot, and here we'll cover how to get it and use it.

Slingshot Location in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Slingshot Find the Slingshot in Sons of the Forest by traveling to a cave near the western side of the snowy mountains. Activate your GPS (the “M” key on your keyboard by default), and make your way to that spot. Don’t enter the cave once you find it. Instead, you should see three corpses on stakes. Interact with the dead body in the middle stake to receive the Slingshot.

Using the Slingshot

Sons of the Forest Slingshot Usage The Slingshot in Sons of the Forest uses small rocks as ammunition. That means it’s almost impossible to run out of ammo for this ranged weapon. In comparison, weapons like the Rifle use ammunition that’s fairly difficult to find. Although these high-powered firearms are great at causing massive damage, you might be in a pickle if you run out of ammo in the middle of a fight. Moving forward, the Slingshot’s usage is fairly straightforward. Equip it, aim, and fire. Even though it’s easy to use, don’t rely on it all the time. Despite it being a beginner-friendly weapon, enemies receive minimal damage from a hit with a stone flung from the Slingshot. If you’re adamant about using this weapon against normal enemies, it’s going to take a while before you can bring one opponent down with it, particularly the new enemies introduced in Patch 09. However, the Slingshot is useful in hunting rabbits and squirrels. Fire a stone with this weapon at those critters to knock them out. Doing so allows you to get the animals’ meat for food.
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