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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Weapons Tier List: Ranking the Best Melee and Ranged Weapons

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Players will come across different weapons in Sons of the Forest. Finding some of these items only need players to travel to specific locations on the game’s map. But some weapons require players to gather and combine materials to create those items. In this post, you’ll learn the best weapons to find and craft in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Weapon Tier List

Sons of the Forest Weapon Tier List In Sons of the Forest, weapons will excel in different situations as you fight a variety of enemies across the island. So while we'll rank the best weapons in the game in general, do keep in mind any of these weapons can show up big at the right moments. DON'T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest Achievements Guide

Best Melee Weapons in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Melee Weapons The best melee weapons in Sons of the Forest center around dealing the most damage quickly, as being in melee range exposes you to taking dangerous attacks.

#5: Tactical Axe

Sons of the Forest Tactical Axe Early on in the game, players run into the tried and tested Tactical Axe, which will be old reliable for players as they gather materials to make new weapons.  This starter weapon is quite useful in chopping trees and the limbs off of small cannibals. It also can't break, which is a useful advantage over some other melee weapon options. How to get the Tactical Axe: Open the emergency pack at the beginning of the game.

#4: Crafted Spear

Sons of the Forest Crafted Spear Although new players can get the Tactical Axe at the beginning of the game, the Crafted Spear can be a superior weapon to wield early on for its extra DPS and the ability to throw it to defeat pesky enemies at range. Beware, however, that unlike the Tactical Axe, the Crafted Spear can break after landing several hits, so wielding it in a pinch might be too risky. How to get the Crafted Spear: Craft by combining 2x Stick, 1x Duct Tape, and 1x Knife

#3: Stun Baton

Sons of the Forest Stun Baton The Stun Baton lacks the power to completely demolish enemies in Sons of the Forest. But it can stun enemies into submission, making it easy for players to switch to another weapon without significant risk of taking heavy damage. How to get the Stun Baton: Head to the small waterfall near the cave that has the Rope Gun. Here, scavenge the pile of bones to receive the Stun Baton. DON’T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest GPS Locators Guide: Locations, Requirements, & How to Use Them

#2: Chainsaw

Sons of the Forest Chainsaw The chainsaw is a late-game weapon that’s both practical at gathering wood from trees and hacking enemies into little pieces. However, players must trudge through most of the game’s content before acquiring this item. How to get the Chainsaw: Go to the recreational facility located in the western part of the Island. Here, players need the shovel to enter the area, navigate the area, and use the Carl Planter Maintenance to acquire the Chainsaw.

#1: Katana

Sons of the Forest Katana The Katana is arguably the best melee weapon in Sons of the Forest. It has a long range for a short-range weapon. Plus, it does massive damage and grants the user a fast attack speed. How to get the Katana: Use the Carl Planter Maintenance Keycard to retrieve the Arnold Crand Guest Keycard in the Recreational Bunker, then, grab the Guest Keycard from that location. After that, use that keycard at the Katana facility on the eastern side of the large lake by the center of the map.

Best Ranged Weapons in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Ranged Weapons Various melee weapons can deal massive damage to foes, but players become vulnerable to enemy attacks. Instead, killing opponents from afar using the best ranged weapons the game has to offer helps reduce those hazards.

#5: Crafted Bow

Sons of the Forest Crafted Bow Like the Crafted Spear, the Crafted Bow is a great ranged weapon for new Sons of the Forest players. Although it doesn’t deal significant damage, it’s still worth a spot in this list thanks to its easy-to-find crafting materials. How to get the Crafted Bow: Combine 2 x Stick, 1 x Rope, 1 x Duct Tape

#4: Slingshot

Sons of the Forest Slingshot Like the Crafted Bow, the Slingshot doesn’t offer much in the damage department. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have requirements for players to obtain it. Also, it only needs small rocks as ammo, which the game has no shortage of. How to get the Slingshot: Travel to the west part of the base of the snowy mountains where the three streams meet. Search the area for three corpses outside a cave. Search the corpses for the weapon.

#3: Compound Bow

Sons of the Forest Compound Bow The Compound Bow can deal significant damage to enemies from afar. It uses any type of arrow in the player’s inventory, including the powerful Carbon Fiber Arrow. But players must get the Shovel before they can acquire this weapon. How to get the Compound Bow: Travel to Maintenance B. Here, find the dirt patch and use the shovel to unearth the facility’s hatch. Enter and search the area for the Compound Bow, along with other goodies like the Silencer attachment. DON’T MISS IT: How To Get Tech Armor In Sons Of The Forest

#2: Crossbow

Sons of the Forest Crossbow One of the advantages brought by using the Crossbow is its silent shooting mechanism. Players can pick off enemies sneakily. Its silent shooting capabilities also make hunting easier than before since the weapon’s sound won’t alert animals. How to get the Crossbow: First, players must get the Maintenance A Key. Then, use that item on the northernmost green circle on the map. Enter and navigate the cave to find an underground bunker. Search this area for the Crossbow.

#1: Shotgun

Sons of the Forest Shotgun If the Katana is the best melee weapon in the game, its ranged counterpart is the Shotgun. Shooting its shells can help players defeat groups of enemies easily. How to get the Shotgun: Unearth the Shotgun at a grave site with a purple exclamation marker near the Island’s western edge. Collect and use all the weapons mentioned in this post with one of our dedicated Sons of the Forest servers here.
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