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Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest

Posted on by justin
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The Rifle in Sons of the Forest is the latest new addition to the game’s arsenal of weapons. Introduced in Patch 07, this weapon has an incredibly long range and devastating stopping power, giving you a chance to take out high-value targets from a safe distance.

Where is the Rifle in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Rifle Location You can find the Rifle in a cave on the eastern side of the snowy mountains. Getting to this location is fairly easy, but navigating the cave can be dangerous as many cannibals and mutants call it their home.

How to Get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Rifle Before entering the cave, ensure you have the Rebreather. Otherwise, you won’t get far into the cavern before you hit a roadblock. Once you have the Rebreather, enter this cavern and turn on your flashlight or ignite a torch to get a better view. While this particular cave is one of the larger ones in Sons of the Forest, you can navigate to the Rifle by always hugging the right wall as you move forward. You’ll most likely come across enemies as you go through the cavern. Defeat those enemies if you have enough resources and don't mind the fight, but know this isn't your only choice. Instead, you can simply run while hugging the right side of the cave and outpace your foes to the underground lake where you'll begin the aquatic portion of your journey. Dive into it and swim forward while still hugging the right side. Once you reach the other side, continue hugging the right wall as you run forward. You’ll soon find a lit area and your prize. In particular, you can find the Rifle on a dead body in this part of the cave. At this point, you can continue exploring the cave, killing the enemies in it. Alternatively, trace your steps back to the cave’s entrance to exit the site right away. The Rifle in Sons of the Forest uses Rifle Ammo. At the time of writing, you can’t craft this type of ammunition. That means you must search the island for it, and it won’t be in every case you find or dropped by each killed enemy. So if you must use the Rifle, steady your aim and make every shot count!
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