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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Rebreather: Location, Requirements, & How to Get

Posted on by justin
The Rebreather in Sons of the Forest is a must-have tool for players to access different underwater locations across the Island. Despite its importance, finding this item can be quite tricky. If you're stuck and looking for help, you've come to the right place. Here's how to get the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest and all the tools you'll need along the way.

Sons of the Forest Rebreather Location

Sons Of The Forest Rebreather The first step to finding the Rebreather is to travel to the northern part of the Island. Some players might be lucky enough to spawn in this area of the map once they start a game. In this area, search for a cave near the beach. You’ll know if you have found the correct cave if you see two yellow drums outside the entrance.

How to Get the Rebreather

Enter the cave with the yellow drums outside, and you’ll soon find wooden boards blocking your progress. Open your inventory and equip the axe. Then, use the axe to chop the wooden boards to gain access to the rest of the cave.

Navigating The Cave

Sons of the Forest Rebreather Cave If you’re attempting this task at the beginning of the game, you may not yet have access to the Flashlight. However, you probably have a few sticks and the lighter with you. Combine one stick with a piece of cloth. Then, equip that and the lighter on both hands. Use the lighter to ignite the stick afterward. Doing so will give you a torch that you can use to help navigate the cave’s dark interior. Move forward until your reach an area with a low ceiling. Crouch here and press on to enter the cave’s next section. The next area should be a straightforward path to a rubber floater. Prepare yourself for a quick battle because three enemies will be waiting for you nearby. Kill these enemies if you have the resources, but if you don't, you can run past them if you can survive their first attacks. DON’T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest GPS Locators Guide: Locations, Requirements, & How to Use Them

A Fork in the Road

Sons of the Forest Cave Intersection After killing the enemies, or going past them, you should now find yourself in front of an intersection. At this point, you can take the path to the right to get the Stun Gun, but the area is crawling with enemies, which might not be a good idea if you’re new to a game. On the other hand, taking the path to the left will eventually lead you to an area with a bluish hue. Here, you should see many resources, along with the limbs of fallen humans. Seeing the limbs should also give you a hint that something is in the water. So if your curiosity got the best of you, and you dove into the water, a shark will be ready and waiting to sink its teeth into you. Thankfully, you don’t have to battle the beast to get the Rebreather. Instead, find a small path nearby and take it. At the end of this reasonably short path is the Rebreather. Tip: Use the Rebreather in the water next to where you found it and follow the underwater path to exit the cave safely. Explore the underwater depths of Sons of the Forest with the Rebreather now courtesy of one of our dedicated Sons of the Forest servers. DON’T MISS IT: How To Get The Shovel In Sons Of The Forest
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