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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Patch 11: Full Patch Notes – Revamped Electricity, New Cannibals, & More

Posted on by justin
Patch 11 of Sons of the Forest was recently released, and it brings various additions, improvements, and bug fixes to the survival title. Enter the island after updating the game, and you’ll encounter new enemies, an overhauled electricity system, and more! So, continue reading to gain additional insight into this version of Sons of the Forest.

What’s New in Sons of the Forest Patch 11?

Sons of the Forest Patch 11 To start, developing studio Endnight Games revised the electricity system in Patch 11 of Sons of the Forest. This time, players must keep their power grids running by connecting the new battery pickup item. Additionally, a power limit is now in place when electronic devices are connected from a single source. If you add more items to one power source, it’ll eventually overload. Two new cannibal types also enter the island: Eddy and Greg. The latter places effigies while the former throws spears at players. Moving forward, certain caves now have new layouts. In particular, Cave A has a new section, and it also contains a new object. Cave C’s entrance also now has fewer active objects than before.

Sons of the Forest Patch 11 Patch Notes (September 15)

  • Added a new large battery item and revised the electricity system, which now requires them to power lights and electric fences at night
  • Added limits to how many objects individual batteries and panels can power before they overload the grid
  • Solar panels can now be placed freely without relying on a support structure and can be connected to power grids with wires
  • Added new spear-throwing cannibal type, Eddy
  • Added new effigy placing cannibal type, Greg
  • Added new cave A extension area
  • Added new ? item to new cave A extension
  • New cutscene added to the food bunker
  • Added some new hanging gore props
  • Sprinklers will now put out fires
  • Added new concave corner ramp placement option
  • Babies can now be exploded into gibs
  • There are now some cannibal nomad families led by Frank the fire cannibal starting after 8-12 days
  • Hanging skeletons and new hanging gore added to fisherman huts
  • Corner beams now contribute to beams structural resistance, making it less likely to break easily if only corner ramps are there
  • Beams can now be placed leaning on another leaning beam, allowing stacking one level of leaning beam
  • Corner ramps no longer use a full plank for each placement, placing full planks will split it to a smaller size when appropriate and drop a pickup matching the rest of the quarter log planks
  • Placing free wires on a solar panel now forces the position of the wire to the connector position on the model
  • Free wires connected to beams & pillars now use a wire model instead of a zip-tie for the supporting ring visual
  • Burning living cannibals will now update the burn amount on their material
  • Made volumetric fog more visible in bunkers
  • Improved bunker food and bunker residential lighting
  • Puffy increased walk speed by 20% and attack speed by 10%
  • Cave C entrance groups reworked to have less active objects above ground
  • Adjusted near plane on Flashlight Mod to prevent cutout shape when reloading shotgun with flashlight attachment
  • Updated Holosprings logo
  • Added new tutorials for using electricity
  • Fixed a bug where the slingshot would not animate when canceling a shot
  • Fixed visual glitch in the loading screen when loading in a saved game
  • Fixed Holosprings video keeps playing in single-player while the game is paused
  • Changed Holosprings video looping behavior so that it doesn’t restart every time
  • Fixed holes in quarter log planks
  • Player cannot be knocked down when holding a hang glider while in the air anymore
  • Player being knocked down while on the ground and holding the hang glider will now drop the hang glider
  • Fixed various multiplayer synchronization issues with the Cave B and Cave C Sluggies
  • In multiplayer, if any player in the game has high sentiment with Virginia, the Virginia gold room variant cutscene will be playing for all to enforce proper multiplayer sync when entering the final boss fight
  • Fixed cave shark not spawning on low animal setting
  • In rare cases of actors found in an invalid position on load, they will be removed or restored to a fixed position (for Kelvin and Virginia)
  • End boss is now forced to stay above the terrain to avoid possible bug falling under the terrain
  • Fixed issue where cannibals hitting some village structures wouldn't play audio
  • Clients will now hear dropped ragdoll impact audio
  • Fixed heavy cannibal always transitioning to walk after various auto-jumps. Fixed sometimes double taunting when entering combat.
  • Fixed case where beam collapse could propagate through pillars instead of stopping at it
  • Fixed missing sound when placing struts
  • Fixed case that could break corner ramps
  • Fixed corner ramp placement arrow not positioned correctly
  • Fixed corner ramp not placeable if one of the beams was supported by a leaning beam on the forward end
  • Fixed pillars not placeable above beams that are supporting a corner ramp
  • Fixed damaged corner ramps not visually distorting
  • Fixed pillars added to the top of a wall in a specific order could prevent placing ramps above
  • Added Electrical Grid Sounds
  • Frank on Fire sound improvement
  • Added new place light sound
  • End boss battle music will now stop while the player is dead
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