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Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

Posted on by justin
Crashing from your helicopter ride doesn’t mean that you can’t return to the skies in Sons of the Forest. The island has multiple hang gliders in different locations, and these aircraft are yours for the taking to get a bird's eye view of the island. Here's how to get the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest and all of the many locations you can find one.

Sons of the Forest Hang Glider Locations

Sons of the Forest Hang Glider Introduced in Patch 01, 12 hang gliders are in Sons of the Forest. Most gliders on the island are on a cliff, mountaintop, or hill. These strategic locations allow you to use the hang glider immediately upon finding it. Look at the map below. Then, check the location of that hang glider based on its number on the map. Sons of the Forest Hang Glider Locations
  • #1: Located at the bottom-most portion of the map at the island’s western side. The hang glider sits on a cliff south of a small pond.
  • #2: Travel to the snowy mountains for this hang glider. You can find it in an abandoned camp past a cave.
  • #3: Find this hang glider near a ridge by a fang-shaped river.
  • #4: This hang glider is on the western peak of the snowy mountain biome. You can find it perched on a cliff overlooking the nearby map area.
  • #5: Still on the snowy mountain biome but at the center of this region. It’s near a Cannibal camp, so prepare for a fight if you want this hang glider.
  • #6: Back on ground level, this hang glider is on a cliff near a small lake on the eastern side of the map. It’s also north of a cave where you can find the Katana.
  • #7: This hang glider is a little to the north of the northern part of the snowy mountain. It’s on a small forest alcove and might be hidden from view, depending on where you look.
  • #8: Find this Sons of the Forest hang glider at the northern tip of the snowy mountain biome.
  • #9: Locate this hang glider in a Cannibal camp on a ridge overlooking the golf course. It’s also next to hang glider #10.
  • #10: It’s on the same ridge as hang glider #9, a little further north from the previous aircraft.
  • #11: Go to the northwesternmost corner of the island to find this hang glider.
  • #12: It’s near hang glider #11, but you must travel further north until you can see some kayaks. This place also has some clothes for Virginia if you want to increase your bond with her.

How To Use The Hang Glider

Sons of the Forest Hang Glider Use Once you find a hang glider in Sons of the Forest, approach and interact with the aircraft. Then, jump off from a reasonably tall height. While airborne, control the craft by pressing forward to aim its nose down. Press the back key on your keyboard to aim the nose up. Your keyboard's left and right movement keys will turn the hang glider in the desired direction. Note: Press “M” on your keyboard (by default) to bring up the GPS locator while airborne. When you’re ready to land, search for a reasonably open space on the ground. Then, direct the hang glider to that location. When your character connects with the ground, you’ll safely dismount the hang glider.
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