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Sons of the Forest

How to Befriend and Recruit Virginia in Sons of The Forest

Posted on by justin
As you explore the Island of Sons of the Forest, it’s likely you'll see another person other than Kelvin following you who's a little bit...different. This character is named Virginia, and players can befriend her along their journies if they approach the situation correctly.

How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of The Forest

Sons of the Forest Befriend Virginia First, resist the temptation of going up to Virginia when you see her following you. Doing so will make you see fright and worry in her eyes before she runs away. Instead, let her come to you. But you must also fulfill the following conditions:
  • Holster any item in your hands (the default key is “G” on your keyboard)
  • Continue tasks while seemingly avoiding eye contact with Virginia
  • If you see her sneaking around your base, light and place a torch in the area
The idea here is to not be aggressive in trying to befriend her. Let Virginia cozy up to you naturally, and she’ll bring you gifts. At that point, you should be able to approach her and reciprocate the gesture.

What Can Virginia Do in Sons Of The Forest?

Sons of the Forest Virginia Give Item Now that Virginia is part of your Island-adventuring crew, you can give her weapons to help defend herself. Her extra arm also gives her the ability to dual-wield firearms. Take advantage of this additional limb by giving Virginia a pistol and a shotgun. Note that Virginia doesn’t behave like Kelvin, so you can’t give her commands. Nonetheless, Virginia will typically hang around your base or follow you in most surface locations on the map. Also, Virginia is reactive and not proactive. That means that she’ll largely wait for events to happen before responding appropriately. Tip: Give Virginia a GPS Tracker as she goes about her business on the Island so you’ll know her location at all times.

How to Increase and Maximize Sentiment with Virginia

Sons of the Forest Virginia Point To befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest is only the first part of your journey with her. Next, you can build intimacy with her, resulting in the “Chivalry Is Not Dead” achievement. You can increase (and eventually maximize) your sentiment with Virginia by doing these actions:
  • Watch her dance
  • Go near her without drawing or holding a weapon
  • Kill any enemy she points out to you
  • Help or revive her when she needs the assistance
  • Lay out food for her in crop plots and drying racks
  • Give her items, especially clothing (e.g., Leather Suit, Tracksuit, and Dress items)
You’ll know if you’re building trust by seeing her do more actions than before. These instances include:
  • Bringing you items, such as berries, herbs, and sticks
  • Sitting next to you near a tent or a campfire
  • Gesturing or signaling you to nearby points of interest (e.g., caves, gear, and various items)
  • Giving you the “thumbs up” gesture
  • Getting as close to you as possible (frequency of this event occurring increased in patch 04)
Note that you can also reduce her intimacy by doing certain actions, like aiming a gun at her. Also, Virginia, along with Kelvin, won’t respawn if she dies. So, be wary of her condition at all times to ensure she won’t experience an early death.
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