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Sons of the Forest

How to Get the Golf Cart in Sons of the Forest

Posted on by justin
There's a brand new vehicle on the island of Sons of the Forest, and it's useful for much more than making it to tee time. The Golf Cart is the newest addition to Sons of the Forest in Patch 07 and makes traveling the island a breeze. Like the Knight V from Patch 03, you can use this new vehicle to travel much faster than walking or running. With that, here's how to get the Golf Cart in Sons of the Forest, where you can find it, and how it works.

Sons of the Forest Golf Cart Location

Sons of the Forest Golf Cart Before you get your hopes too high, don’t confuse the new Golf Cart added in Patch 07 with the golf carts you find sitting around at various points of interest on the map. You can’t drive those other golf carts, but you can claim and use the Golf Cart found on the abandoned golf course. You can reach this site by traveling to the northeastern part of the island. Once you see the vehicle, simply walk up to it and interact with it to start using it.

How Does the Golf Cart Work in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Using Golf Cart Learning how to use this vehicle helps reduce your risks of leaving it behind if it fails. Below are some points to consider while using the Golf Cart in Sons of the Forest.

Solar Power

The Golf Cart runs on solar energy. It gathers power from the solar panel on its roof. By day, the vehicle won’t run out of battery power. However, it’ll deplete one unit from its energy reserves every 30 seconds when used from 6 PM to 6 AM (in-game time). But it’ll still gather energy at night, albeit it takes 30 seconds for the vehicle to recover one energy unit.

Driving Controls

Press and hold the interaction key (the “E” keyboard key by default) while sitting in the driver’s seat. Then, use the directional keys to change the vehicle’s direction when needed. Alternatively, press the jump key (the space bar by default) to brake. Note: The Golf Cart is about 50% slower than the Knight V.


You can push the Golf Cart if it runs out of battery power, allowing you to recover it from tough spots like ditches. Go to the vehicle’s front or rear, and press the buttons indicated on the screen to push it.

Dealing Damage

The Golf Cart can deal considerable damage when it crashes into structures, people, and questionable beings on the island (e.g., Fingers and mutants). It’s also possible to kill enemies and allies if you hit them with this vehicle at full speed. So, be careful when driving the Golf Cart when Kelvin or Virginia are nearby.
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