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Smalland Patch #8: New Quest, Inventory Changes, & Full Patch Notes

Posted on by justin
Patch #8 in Smalland has officially arrived after the massive Forbidden Monuments update. With this new patch, the survival title brings various changes and improvements to the game, including enhancements to creature behavior when in and around bodies of water, expanding inventory slots, and plenty more. With that, let's dive right into Smalland Patch #8 and the many changes in its patch notes.

Smalland Patch #8 Update

Before the release of Patch #8 in Smalland, players would often have to deal with their tamed creatures drowning in water. Thankfully, this update resolved that issue, allowing tames to appear next to the character if they submerge in water. Additionally, Malik now has an additional quest for vanguards. Completing this quest rewards players with the ability to enter and exit the Forbidden Monuments without worrying about being attacked by the Eagle. Tip: Read our Smalland Beginner’s Guide for tips and tricks to help you complete this quest. Speaking of the Eagle, your character will no longer drop loot if you die from this creature. Note that this bird typically appears if you attempt to go out of bounds. Other improvements added to the game brought by Patch #8 include adding two extra slots for the hotbar and adjustments to the animations of water interactions.

Smalland Patch #8 Patch Notes

Smalland Patch 8 The following are the full patch notes for Smalland Patch #8:
  • Creatures return to the character’s side if it’s going to drown
  • Creatures can no longer take damage from submerging in water
  • Increased hotbar from 8 to 10
  • Malik has a new quest, rewarding players with the ability to move to and from the Forbidden Monuments without the Eagle attacking them
  • A fix for firefly torch placements
  • Added new half-length railings
  • Hitting a friendly target and a hostile target at the same time no longer reduces the damage to the former
  • Items no longer drop from the inventory when killed by the Eagle, regardless of your world setting
  • Adjustments and animations added to water interactions to allow easy escapes from drowning
  • Possible fix for a crash when establishing or moving a large tree base
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