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Smalland Forbidden Monuments Update: Release Date, Patch Notes, & What to Expect

Posted on by justin
The world of the Smallfolk is getting larger thanks to the next Smalland update, Forbidden Monuments. In this new update, Vanguards will be able to explore a new map area, battle new enemies, and obtain new items. So, continue reading as we break down the Forbidden Monuments update, including when it will release and all of the content that's been teased so far!

Breaking Down the Smalland Forbidden Monuments Update (Patch #2)

Smalland Content Update 2 Mystic Monuments

Release Date

Merge Games recently announced that the Smalland Forbidden Monuments update will release on July 20th. This will be the second major content update for Smalland, following up on the Giant's Fall update.

Patch Notes

Here we'll cover all the content we know is coming in the Smalland Forbidden Monuments patch notes - including a new map to explore, new bosses to conquer, a progression system to add to the end-game experience, and more.

New Map Area

Perhaps the most important part of the update, a new map area is coming to Smalland in Forbidden Monuments. Here, you’ll see giant structures, some reminiscent of children's playground equipment like slides and swings.

New Bosses

Merge Games also announced a group of boss-tier enemies called the Blue Tit, though information about these new airborne opponents is scarce at the time of writing. Nonetheless, the developers warn players to use their best equipment and coordinate with other Smallfolk teams to take down the massive bird. Tip: Check out our Smalland Beginner’s Guide to help you progress through the game and prepare to fight the new bosses.

New Enemies & Items

Stinkbugs and Stink Grenades are about to enter the world of Smalland. The former is a new type of enemy, and defeating it unlocks the recipe for the Stink Grenade. Throwing a Stink Grenade will stun enemies while poisoning them, helping players to take on larger foes.

Character & Creature Progression Overhaul

Finally, a new character and creature progression system is being introduced to Smalland in the Forbidden Monuments update, providing players with extra layers of progression and giving the game more to do than simply finishing its bosses.
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