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Should Herobrine Be Added to Minecraft?

Posted on by amber

For nearly as long as Minecraft has been live, a mysterious figure has been rumored to roam player worlds. His skin is the same as Steve’s, his eyes an eerie white, and if odd buildings are spotted, it’s best to turn and forget you ever saw the sight. Today we discuss the question, should Herobrine be added to Minecraft?

What is Herobrine?

Made popular through a fan-made horror story, Herobrine is said to be an evil spirit that haunts players’ worlds. He will destroy, grief, and even build structures. Not to mention attacking the player! While he has gone on to appear in an abundance of fan-made content, Herobrine has never actually been in vanilla Minecraft. This brings us to the question, should Herobrine be added to Minecraft?

Should Herobrine Be Added to Minecraft?

Herobrine Skin

Legality of his copyright aside, the prospect of adding Herobrine sounds good in theory, but would it actually be beneficial for Minecraft?

Picture it now, Herobrine as a super boss stronger than Bedrock Edition’s wither has just been announced for the next update. Surely that would drum up some excitement! But with it would end nearly a decade of mystery, fan-made lore, and community content.

I can’t in good faith say adding Herobrine would be bad for the game, yet the idea of Herobrine content becoming “how to make a Herobrine redstone auto kill farm” feels a little sad. And in time, he would just be viewed as another boss mob no different than the wither. A far cry from the legendary and mysterious horror figure that Herobrine is today.

An Ideal Way of Adding Herobrine

Should Herobrine Be Added to Minecraft? Fog Weather Example

If Herobrine were to be added, it would need to be something far more significant than a boss. A compromise that both adds him to the game while maintaining the fear and mystery that surrounds him. Something that I believe could very easily be achieved!

True to the original Herobrine video and story, simply have him be a figure that very rarely spawns. A fog rolls in and perhaps an odd structure you didn’t build appears. Never would there be a guarantee that you will see Herobrine, but sometimes you may spot a figure standing just barely in sight, watching from a distance.

From there, it’s time to run.

In Conclusion

Herobrine is an iconic part of the Minecraft community and exemplifies its unparalleled creativity. While I think adding Herobrine to the game would indeed be good, it would need to be handled very carefully to maintain the fear and mystery. But what are your thoughts?

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