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Project Zomboid

How To Get Guns In Project Zomboid

Posted on by justin
In Project Zomboid, guns can be great weapons against larger undead hordes if you aren't concerned about drawing any extra attention. They are most typically used in clearing out large locations with premium loot. In this guide, we'll cover how to get guns in Project Zomboid, including some of the most high-value locations to loot, and where you might find some hidden more inconspicuously.

Where Can You Find Guns in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid Guns In Project Zomboid, players can find guns in many locations, including where you might expect them to be if you were in a zombie apocalypse movie or show. These locations range from gun stores to military bases and even some in unassuming closets in residential homes all across its expansive map. But before you go searching off on your own, give these spots a look first:

Military Checkpoints

Project Zomboid Military Checkpoint Military checkpoints are typically havens for guns and ammunition in Project Zomboid. You can find generally find these locations outside cities and towns. For instance, there’s a large border camp in the southernmost part of Louisville. Here, you can find a plethora of firearms and ammo, as well as other important items like generators and medical supplies.

Police Stations

Project Zomboid Police Station There’s at least one police station in every city and town in Project Zomboid. The only exception is the two police stations in Louisville. The Louisville Police Department, in particular, is a large establishment with a plethora of guns and ammo inside. But survivors should be wary in exploring this building because the former officers are now parts of the undead horde.

Gun Stores

Project Zomboid Gun Store Project Zomboid also has a good amount of gun shops where you can loot guns and ammo guaranteed. For instance, if you're in Louisville, you can check out the gun shop in the eastern part of the city. It's next to the gas station.


Project Zomboid Gun Residence The dawn of the zombie apocalypse in Project Zomboid made some ordinary citizens stock up on firearms. So, don’t forget to check seemingly standard homes because some of these residences have guns in them, and you will often find them in closets or drawers in bedrooms.

How To Use Guns In Project Zomboid

Shoot marksman skill Now that you have a gun, the next step is to learn how to use it. Take note that using a firearm in Project Zomboid is vastly different from other shooters, with each gun having a range of stats and abilities that will apply to every shot. Each gun in the game has a unique baseline accuracy rating, precision rating, maximum range, firing angle, and time to aim. These are further modified by play traits like your level of Aiming skill. This may also be modified in the upcoming Project Zomboid Build 42 update. There are also some additional complexities when it comes to handling guns in Project Zomboid. For instance, some games would only require pressing one button to reload a gun. In Project Zomboid, the reloading process is different for each firearm. One example is the double-barrel shotgun, wherein you need to remove the shells from the gun before you can insert two new pieces of ammunition into it. Also, only some guns you find in the game have ammo in them. So, grab as many pieces of ammo as you can find while exploring the map. You’ll never know when you can come across a rifle or a pistol while searching one of the houses, and the ammo is often light enough that you can have it in your bag for a long time. With so many variables and complexities, we recommend you try your gun out in safer locations (away from your base) to practice getting your shot right. Just be aware that gunshots draw the dead from long distances. Ready to try out your trigger finger? Hunt down some of the many guns available in Project Zomboid now with one of our dedicated servers here!
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