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Can You Survive Being Bitten in Project Zomboid?

Posted on by justin
After getting away from a dangerous area in Project Zomboid, you check your health status and realize you've been bitten. Now, you’re wondering if you can survive. Is it game over for you? Can you heal the wound? Here we'll look to answer the question of whether you can bounce back from a bite in Project Zomboid, and what will happen to your character along the way.

Can You Survive Being Bitten In Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid Bite Unfortunately, the short answer to whether you can survive being bitten in Project Zomboid is no, with the only caveat being if you chose "None" for Transmission in your settings when starting a new game instead of "Everyone's Infected", "Saliva Only", or "Blood + Saliva". Despite the fact that this bite will doom your character in the end otherwise, you can delay the inevitable of your character turning into one of the undead. Aside from the sight of your now bloody self in Project Zomboid, you'll soon see your character start limping not long after a bite. Your character will also get the nauseous and queasy debuff. When you see these signs, it's time to start delaying your zombification for as long as you can. Here are some ways to help delay your undead transformation in Project Zomboid:
1. Clean The Open Wound
When you find out that a zombie bit you, find a safe spot fast, such as a basement (if you’re running the Basements mod). Next, clean the wound using a Bottle of Disinfectant. You can find this item in pharmacies and other medical facilities. Some homes with medical cabinets may also have a bottle or two, but this is always a gamble in densely populated areas. Alternatively, you can use Bourbon or Alcohol Wipes, but using the former is less effective than disinfectant or alcohol wipes, with the added benefit that you won't need any other form of painkillers with bourbon. For those using Alcohol Wipes or Disinfectant, spring for the painkillers if you can.
2. Dress The Wound
After you delay the infection, your next step is to cover the open wound. Go to your inventory and open the menu to a Bandage. It should show you a new menu indicating which wound to cover. Then, select the wound you want to dress. Note that Project Zomboid has three types of bandages:
  • Dirty Bandage: Increases the rate of infection
  • Regular Bandage: Cleaned with water and generally found in medical facilities and first-aid kits
  • Sterilized Bandage: A bandage soaked with Whiskey, a Bottle of Disinfectant, or Hot Water
Also, pay attention to the status of the bandages on your character, as they’ll become dirty over time. You can remove the dirty bandage and reuse it if it’s still reusable. However, you should sterilize it before rewrapping the wound.
3. Leave Your Past Self Behind
Finally, it’s time to let go of your worldly possessions in Project Zomboid. But even though you’re about to turn into one of the undead, it’s not going to be a game over for your belongings. Instead, your zombified character will remain in your saved file. That also means that the items left behind by your old-and-now undead character will still be in that file as well. With this in mind, store all the items you carry in a safe location, such as a drawer, closet, or safe house, and make sure to remember exactly where your character died. Once you start a new character and load the same world, travel to the last location of your old character and reclaim all the items you left behind if you can find them.

How To Avoid Being Bitten In Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Bite Survive If you do a “Leeroy Jenkins” in Project Zomboid, you’ll soon find yourself at death’s door. Instead, ensure that you’re treating every new place you come across as a zombie-infested area even before you confirm it. Crouch while walking to reduce the risks of detection from nearby zombies. Also, avoid using firearms unless it’s absolutely necessary, as the sound of gunshots will attract zombie hordes to your location. Sneaking into buildings is also a good way to prevent detection from the undead. With the upcoming lighting improvements in Build 42, it should be easier to see around dark environments than before. This enhanced lighting means you'll be able to see zombies from afar and reduce jump scares as well. Project Zomboid Server
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