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Top 5 Project Zomboid Mods of 2022

Posted on by amber
Project Zomboid had quite the successful year, especially with streamers when multiplayer was introduced. And with such a resurgence, new mods would surely be arriving too. A little late, but better than never, we’re exploring the top five Project Zomboid mods of 2022!

Common Sense

Project Zomboid mod - Common Sense Logo Keeping with the trend of quality-of-life mods being popular this past year, Common Sense was right at the top of must-have 2022 mods! This nifty mod makes things that should realistically be possible, such as prying open doors with a crowbar, an option in game. Simple, useful, and immersive!

Insurgent - Black Ops Profession

Insurgent - Black Ops Profession Logo The next mod was released right at the end of the year but has blown up since then! Insurgent - Black Ops Profession allows you to take on the role of a highly trained operative sent to the exclusion zone to clean up the undead mess. In other words, the ultimate zombie power fantasy!

Lingering Whispers...

Project Zomboid mod - Lingering Whispers Logo Lingering Whispers takes Project Zomboid’s zombie lore in a dark direction, making it not for everyone. However, those who install it will very rarely find that the humans turned undead may still be somewhere within. A word here, a cry there, but never frequent enough to be certain if it is lingering will or the reflex of a mind long dead.

Gun Stock Attack

Gun Stock Attack Mod Logo Much like Common Sense in its goals, Gun Stock Attack adds the ability to perform melee attacks with gun stocks. Something that would realistically be possible but was not included. Not precisely quality of life since it adds a combat advantage, but it could be argued!


Project Zomboid mod - Basement Logo As its name would describe, Basements adds basements! These are counted as player-built structures and are limited to one per building. Their uses aside, players be warned! Zombies can’t get in, but that does not mean they won’t swarm and wait atop the trap door.

Top 5 Project Zomboid Mods of 2022

So many great mods were created this past year, and many more have been added since. Was there a mod you thought would make our list? We would love to know what the community thinks! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) Project Zomboid Server Promotional
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