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Palworld Legendary Schematics Guide: Locations, Stats, & Required Materials

Posted on by justin
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Legendary Schematics in Palworld are coveted blueprints holding the secrets to crafting the most powerful gear in the game. However, the methods to obtain these schematics are no easy feat. Keep reading as we delve into the game's Legendary Schematics and how you can get them.

Palworld Legendary Schematics: All Locations, Stats, & Requirements

Palworld Legendary Schematics Using the Legendary Schematics in Palworld is similar to using other schematics. In other words, the Legendary Schematic must be in your inventory (it won’t work if it’s in storage), and you must interact with the correct crafting station. Low- to mid-game Legendary versions of weapons require Pal trainers to use the High-Quality Workbench. Craft this station using the following materials:
  • 15x Ingot
  • 50x Wood
  • 10x Nails
On the other hand, late-game gear, like the Legendary Rocket Launcher, requires players to use the Weapon Assembly Line II. Use the following materials to build this station:
  • 30x Nail
  • 100x Refined Ingot
  • 10x Circuit Board
It's also important to mention that all Legendary Schematics in Palworld only drop from capturing or defeating boss or Alpha versions of specific Pals. Additionally, the drop rate of these blueprints is typically low, making them the rarest items obtainable in the game. Note that it’s also possible to acquire Legendary Schematics in Palworld in random chests, particularly those in dungeons. However, the chances of getting these blueprints from dungeon chests are generally lower than defeating Alpha Pals.

Legendary Old Bow

Palworld Old Bow
  • Base Attack: 247
  • Durability: 350
  • Required Materials: 202x Wood, 33x Stone, 100x Fiber, and 10x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Location: Drops from Alpha Kingpaca (Lv. 23)
Palworld Alpha Kingpaca Locations

Legendary Crossbow

Palworld Crossbow
  • Base Attack: 490
  • Durability: 700
  • Required Materials: 337x Wood, 270x Stone, 67x Ingot, 33x Nail, and 12x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Location: Drops from Alpha Bushi (Lv. 23)
Palworld Alpha Bushi Locations

Legendary Handgun

Palworld Handgun
  • Base Attack: 625
  • Durability: 1,200
  • Required Materials: 337x Ingot, 100x High Quality Pal Oil, 14x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Location: Drops from Alpha Beakon (Lv. 29)
Palworld Alpha Beakon Locations

Legendary Pump-Action Shotgun

Palworld Pump-Action Shotgun
  • Base Attack: 385
  • Durability: 400
  • Required Materials: 40x Carbon Fiber, 20x Polymer, and 30x Refined Ingot
  • Location: Drops from Alpha Suzaku (Lv. 45)
Palworld Alpha Suzaku Locations

Legendary Assault Rifle

Palworld Assault Rifle
  • Base Attack: 560
  • Durability: 3,000
  • Required Materials: 270x Refined Ingot, 67x Polymer, 202x Carbon Fiber, 30x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Location: Drops from Alpha Blazamat (Lv. 49)
Palworld Alpha Blazamat Locations

Legendary Rocket Launcher

Palworld Rocket Launcher
  • Base Attack: 14,000
  • Durability: 700
  • Required Materials: 505x Pal Metal Ingot, 202x Polymer, 337x Carbon Fiber, 40x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Location: Drops from Jetragon (Lv. 50)
Palworld Jetragon Locations

Legendary Pal Metal Helm

Palworld Pal Metal Helm
  • Base Defense: 240
  • HP: 560
  • Durability: 1,200
  • Required Materials: 135x Pal Metal Ingot, 135x Paldium Fragment, and 19x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Location: Drops from Alpha Frostallion (Lv. 50)
Palworld Alpha Frostallion Locations

Legendary Cold/Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor

Palworld Cold Resistant Armor Palworld Heat Resistant Armor
  • Base Defense: 400
  • HP: 1,200
  • Durability: 11,000
  • Required Materials: 202x Pal Metal Ingot, 202x Leather, 40x High-Quality Cloth, 108x Ice Organ, and 19x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • Location: Drops from Alpha Paladius (Lv. 50) for the Cold-Resistant Armor and Alpha Necromus (Lv. 50) for the Heat-Resistant Armor
Palworld Alpha Paladius and Necromus Locations

How to Get Legendary Schematics Faster in Palworld

Although it’s almost impossible to increase the drop rate of the Legendary Schematics in Palworld, you can increase your chances of finding one by raising the number of wild Pals spawning in your world. Here’s how to do it:
  • Launch Palworld and go to the World Settings from the Main Menu
  • Change the Difficulty setting to Custom
  • Change the Pal Appearance Setting to 3
This way, all wild Pals, including Alpha Pals, will spawn in triplicate in a single-player world. If you're playing in multiplayer, you must be a server host and change the setting in the PalWorldSettings.ini file. Remember, changing the number of Pals spawning in the world map can make the game significantly more difficult than usual.
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