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How to Capture Pals in Palworld

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes)
Palworld has many adorable new friends to find, but they may just eat you if given the chance and time! So, today, we explore how to capture Pals in Palworld without losing a limb or needing to die.

Creating a Workbench

Palworld Workbench In-Game Screenshot Pal Spheres are the main item players will need in their quest to capture pals. However, a few early game steps are required before they can be made, including crafting a Primitive Workbench and Pickaxe. Starting with the Primitive Workbench, two Wood will be required which is obtained by gathering sticks on the ground or punching trees. Then, with the Wood in your inventory, open up the build menu (“B” on PC) and place your Primitive Workbench on the ground.

Crafting a Pickaxe

Palworld Stone Pickaxe Crafting In-Game Screenshot With the Primitive Workbench made, it is now time to craft a Pickaxe! Much like Wood, Stone can be found lying about or obtained by punching boulders. A total of five Stone and five Wood are required to craft the Pickaxe at the Primitive Workbench, which should take little to no time. Once complete, players can mine boulders at a much faster pace and will quickly notice Paldium Fragments gathered alongside the Stone. These are the key to crafting Pal Spheres.

Crafting Pal Spheres

Palworld Tech Tree In-Game Screenshot Palworld includes a technology tree where players can spend points to unlock recipes. After completing the previous steps, enough Technology Points should already be present to unlock Pal Spheres. Simply click it before returning to the Primitive Workbench. Pal Spheres are made of three Wood, three Stone, and one Paldium Fragment. If short on Paldium Fragments, blue rocks spawn near the starting area’s river, which provides them in abundance. We recommend crafting quite a few before hunting.

Holding "Q" to Capture Pals

Palworld Throwing Pal Sphere to Capture Pal In-Game Screenshot Once the Pal Spheres have been crafted, holding “Q” will cause the player character to enter a throwing stance where players can then aim and release “Q” to throw. The most important part of this stance is the percent chance it shows when aiming at a Pal. This is the capture rate if the Pal Sphere were to be successfully thrown. Many things can affect the capture rate, but the primary method is dealing damage. The less health a Pal has, the easier it will be to capture. However, that is not to say there are no other strategies! Throwing a Pal Sphere at a Pal’s back would also increase the capture rate, for example. But, with these basics, you should have no problem capturing pals.

How to Capture Pals in Palworld

We hope our short guide has helped with your journey into Palworld! One hundred and eleven Pals are waiting to be found, each with their own unique traits to help take other Pals down. Will you be the first to capture every Pal? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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