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Palworld Dog Coins Farming Guide: How to Get, Best Locations, & Vendor Prices

Posted on by justin
The Dog Coin is a new currency introduced in the Palworld Sakurajima Update. Unlike Gold Coins, Pal Trainers can only use Dog Coins to purchase things from one merchant NPC in the Palpagos archipelago. Despite this problem, this new currency can be used to get many fairly rare items, with some that can permanently boost specific stats! So, continue reading to learn the best ways to farm Dog Coins in Palworld.

How to Get Dog Coins in Palworld

Palworld Dog Coins Currently, Pal Trainers have four ways to farm Dog Coins in Palworld. These four methods are the following:
  • Defeat or capture a Mimog, a new Neutral-type Pal that looks like a treasure chest
  • Defeat human enemies, such as Syndicate Thugs
  • Rummage through Scrap Piles, a new resource-gathering point
  • Open treasure chests in and around the different locations of the map, including inside dungeons
Palworld Dog Coin Farm Among the different techniques used to farm dog coins in Palworld, perhaps the best way to quickly gather this currency is to defeat hostile human NPCs. Various Syndicate Thug Camps are located throughout Palworld’s map. Additionally, a camp may have a captured Pal that you can set free. If so, the freed Pal will become part of your Pal roster. Alternatively, you can challenge the new Oil Rig stronghold, for many hostile human NPCs lurk in this area. However, this location isn't for the faint of heart and requires heavy preparation to avoid an early death.

Trading Dog Coins for Items

Palworld Medal Merchant Pal Trainers can trade their collected Dog Coins for items from the new Medal Merchant NPC. Unlike the Black Marketeer, the Medal Merchant has no fixed spawn point. Instead, this merchant randomly spawns in churches and ruins. One ideal place to start your search for the Medal Merchant is at the Desolate Church. Thankfully, his golden coat can make him easy to spot from afar.
  • Mysterious Accessory Box: 100x Dog Coins
  • Box of Mystery Accessories: 1,000x Dog Coins
  • Cattiva Hat: 50x Dog Coins
  • Lamball Helm: 50x Dog Coins
  • Cawgnito Hat: 50x Dog Coins
  • Dumud Helm: 50x Dog Coins
  • Sibelyx Hat: 50x Dog Coins
  • Lyleen Floral Cap: 50x Dog Coins
  • Ring of Freight +1: 50x Dog Coins
  • Multiclimate Undershirt: 100x Dog Coins
  • Life Fruit: 500x Dog Coins
  • Power Fruit: 500x Dog Coins
  • Stout Fruit: 500x Dog Coins
  • Life Elixir: 350x Dog Coins
  • Stamina Elixir: 350x Dog Coins
  • Power Elixir: 350x Dog Coins
  • Speed Elixir: 350x Dog Coins
  • Carrying Elixir: 350x Dog Coins
  • Concentrated All Purpose Pal Extract: 2,000x Dog Coins
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