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Palworld Black Marketeer Guide: All Locations, Pals, Item Inventory, & How to Catch

Posted on by justin
The Black Marketeer in Palworld operates on the borders of Pal society. This NPC is neither friend nor foe as he riskily sells tempting wares that are not to everyone's liking. However, Pal Trainers willing to look the other way may find something useful being sold by this NPC. So, if you're looking for this elusive contraband seller, you're at the right place. Here's where you can find the Black Marketeer in Palworld.

Palworld Black Marketeer Locations Guide

Palworld Black Marketeer Search for one of the locations of the Black Marketeer in Palworld to buy and sell Pals that are generally difficult to find and catch in the wild. Pay close attention to your surroundings while looking for this NPC since he likes to keep himself and his wares out of sight. Some Black Marketeer locations require Pal Trainers to enter suspicious-looking caves. On the other hand, you can see this NPC standing in a seemingly hidden part of a ravine. But perhaps the most convenient location of the Black Marketeer in Palworld is at the Windswept Hills, which is likely the place for your first base. You’ll find the NPC’s hiding hole past an abandoned mine underneath the Desolate Church ruins. Other than that location, you’ll find all the places to find the Black Marketeer in Palworld below: Palworld Black Marketeer Locations

Black Marketeer Pal List

Although it seems like the Black Marketeer is selling random Pals, this NPC typically rotates his contrabands frequently. Below, you’ll find the typical Pals sold by this mysterious seller:
  • Penking
  • Jolthog Cryst
  • Vixy
  • Cremis
  • Nox
  • Fuddler
  • Killamari
  • Mau
  • Flopie
  • Bristla
  • Hangyu
  • Woolipop
  • Melpaca
  • Nitewing
  • Ribbuny
  • Incineram
  • Dumud
  • Cawgnito
  • Leezpunk
  • Galeclaw
  • Robinquill
  • Beegarde
  • Swee
  • Sweepa
  • Chillet
  • Dazzi
  • Lunaris
  • Dinossom
  • Surfent
  • Maraith
  • Tombat
  • Flambelle
  • Katress
  • Vaelet
  • Cryolinx
  • Petallia
  • Kingpaca
  • Felbat
Note: The Black Marketeer doesn’t sell Alpha or Lucky Pals. Aside from buying Pals from the Black Marketeer, Pal Trainers can also sell their Pals to this NPC for some gold. It's a good way to remove some Pals with negative traits from your base. However, ensure that morals are left at the door.

How To Catch The Black Marketeer

Are you tired of going to one of the Black Marketeer's locations whenever you want to check out his wares? If so, consider capturing this shady NPC and bringing him to your base. But be warned, for he won't go with you without a fight. Note that capturing the Black Marketeer is like catching a wild Pal. In other words, you must only throw a Pal Sphere at him and hope he won't escape. However, it’s important to mention that this task is easier said than done. Any hostile action made to the Black Marketeer will result in him whipping out his minigun. Additionally, this NPC is typically at the Level 40 to 45 range. Thankfully, you can trap the Black Marketeer using the Hanging Trap (unlockable at Technology Tree at Level 4). Craft this item using 10x Wood and 5x Stone. Then, simply place the trap above the Black Marketeer and watch him squirm as he tries to break free. Use this time to whittle his health and capture him using one of your high-tier Pal Spheres. Alternatively, if you don’t want to catch the Black Marketeer, you can build a base near one of his locations. Check out our guide on the Best Base Locations in Palworld for more information on this topic.
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