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Palworld Lucky Pals Guide: How to Find Lucky Pals (Shinies) & Shiny Odds

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes)
Very rarely, a large Pal variant may be found that sparkles and shines, but what secrets do these Lucky Pals hide? Today, we answer that question and more in our Palworld Lucky Pals guide, which explores the game's equivalent to shiny Pokemon.

Lucky Pals (Shiny)

Palworld Lucky Pal Screenshot Lucky Pals are a unique Pal variant that can spawn in the place of any Pal in the game. They are large like Alpha Pals, come with a guaranteed unique trait, and have a starry border as a reminder of the star particles they used to emit. All Lucky Pals will have the unique passive trait “Lucky,” which provides +15% Work Speed and Attack. Additionally, Lucky Pals always come with one random Active Skill typically found on much rarer and stronger Pals. Ancient Civilization Parts are also granted in addition to the Pal’s standard loot. However, Pal Tamers must take caution as Lucky Pals are typically much stronger than the Pals in the surrounding area. Be ready for a fight!

How to Find Lucky Pals (Shinies)

Palworld Captured Lucky Pal Screenshot As their name would suggest, finding Lucky Pals mostly comes down to luck. However, there are a few methods out there to increase the odds:

1. Teleporting

Teleport to an area, search the surroundings for Lucky Pals, and then teleport away before returning to repeat the process. Leaving and returning through distant teleports should reload the nearby Pals, allowing the area to be searched again and again.

2. Pal Appearance Rate

Those who do not consider altering settings cheating can find Lucky Pals at an increased rate by turning the Pal Appearance Rate up to 3x in the settings. After doing so, simply fly around in search of your desired Pals. The larger number of Pal spawns will lead to a larger number of Lucky Pals.

3. Vanilla Hunting

Finally, those who prefer a vanilla search can always stick to the tried-and-true method of flying through your desired Lucky Pal’s spawn locations on a repeating loop. However, make sure the loop leads far enough away so that the Pals have a chance to respawn and reload.

Lucky Pal Odds

Palworld Pal Hunting Screenshot At this time, the Lucky Pal odds have not been officially released or confirmed. However, they appear to be much more common than Shiny Pokémon. Based purely on speculation by the community, most players will see at least one Lucky Pal by the thirty-hour mark. Of course, each player’s experience with this may vary based on how much they explore and plenty more.

Palworld Lucky Pals Guide: How to Find Shinies & Shiny Odds

The hunt is on, and the quest for a full deck of Lucky Pals begins! We wish you the best and offer all the luck we can give. However, if you could simply pick your next Lucky Pal, what Pal or type would it be? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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