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Myth of Empires Farming Guide: How to Start a Farm, Water Crops, & More

Posted on by justin
Resource gathering is one of the essential mechanics in Myth of Empires. However, going around the game's massive map may not be ideal, especially when enemy generals are out for your head. Farming in Myth of Empires is an alternate way to acquire some materials, and we’re here to show you how to use this system.

Myth of Empires Farming Guide: How to Set Up a Farm

Myth of Empires Farming Guide Farming in Myth of Empires isn't a complicated process. However, players must follow a series of steps to ensure they get the desired yields.

Step #1: Finding a Good Farm Location

Players can start from scratch and build a farm using the game's available crafting recipes for farming. In particular, go to the Crafting Recipes menu and select Cultivation. Here, you can find the tools and other equipment needed for farming in Myth of Empires, including the Crude Planter. On the other hand, you can explore the map and look for a place highlighted as a “Field” or "Farmland." Here, you’ll typically find most of the basic elements needed to start farming in Myth of Empires.

Step #2: Gathering Seeds

Gathering Grass should net you with some seeds. You might even be able to gather a few hundred seeds in a few hours of collecting grass, allowing beginner Myth of Empires players to take advantage of this mechanic as early as possible.

Step #3: Preparing the Land

Remember, different seeds have varying soil porosity requirements. As it implies, soil porosity is the amount of pores or open space between soil particles. In Myth of Empires, this value reduces over time. Thankfully, you can increase soil porosity by hitting the field or planter with a Hoe. Note: Craft a Hoe using 14x Stone, 4x Hardwood, and 4x Straw Rope.

Step #4: Planting Seeds

Upon achieving the required soil porosity value, place the Seeds into the hotbar. Then, equip the seeds and put them into the field or planter.

Step #5: Watering the Plants

Travel to a nearby body of water, such as a freshwater river, and place a barrel item into your hotbar. Then, stand in the body of water and press the number on your keyboard associated with the barrel. You'll then notice that the barrel gathers water each time you press that number. Note: Craft a Large Wooden Barrel using 4x Sharp Claws, 9x Teeth, 2x Cutin, and 2x Pig Cinnabar. Next, return to your farm and stand on top of your field or planter. Again, press the number associated with the water-filled barrel. This time, you should see your character applying water on top of your crops. Repeatedly press the number for the water-filled barrel until you achieve the plant’s water requirement.

Step #6: Fertilizing the Field

Like in real life, plants in Myth of Empires require fertilizer. Pay attention to each plant, as it'll have a different value for its required fertilizer. Low-level plants typically need basic fertilizers, which generally include Green Manure, Ash Fertilizer, and Organic Fertilizer. Craft the Basic Organic Fertilizer using 5x Wood Ash, 1x Bone Meal, and 1x Rotten Food. As for the Ash Fertilizer, craft it using 6x Wood Ash and 2x Clay Mine. Finally, craft the Basic Green Manure using 6x Wood Ash and 1x Soybean Cake. Once crafted, place the fertilizers into your hotbar. Walk on top of your field or planter, and press the number associated with the fertilizer. If done correctly, your character should spray fertilizer on your crops. Apply the fertilizers to your plants until you reach the recommended value. Note that this number will decrease over time, so you must return to your farm and apply additional fertilizer when needed.

Step #7: Harvesting Plants

Once fully grown, walk up to the plant and harvest it using the action/interact button (the “E” keyboard key by default). You don’t need any tool or item to harvest the plants at this point. Additionally, the plant will have a grade when it matures. If done correctly, your plant should have the "Perfect Harvest" tag, providing the best possible perks for that crop.
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