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Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires Beginner’s Guide: Spawn Points, Leveling Techniques, & More

Posted on by justin
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Myth of Empires blends essential crafting mechanics, dynamic combat, and a strong emphasis on building mighty bases. It makes its players feel like warlords, ready to dominate the land through large-scale warfare in a unique historical setting. However, you must first master the game’s basics, and we’re here to help you in that regard through this Myth of Empires Beginner’s Guide.

Myth of Empires Beginner’s Guide: What to Know

Myth of Empires Beginner's Guide First, it’s important to mention that this Myth of Empires Beginner’s Guide won’t cover certain features and mechanics that are fairly common in other survival titles with sandbox mechanics. Instead, you’ll find elements that are relatively unique to this title below:

Selecting a Spawn Point

Myth of Empires Spawn Points Myth of Empires beginners must select a location where they’ll first spawn into the game. The game has six starting spawn points, which are the following:
  • Alluvial Plains 1
  • Alluvial Plains 2
  • Alluvial Plains 3
  • Forest
  • Northern Mountains 1
  • Northern Mountains 2
Note: There's also a Neutral Camp spawn point, but it generally doesn't offer many advantages like the other locations. The spawn locations Forest, Northern Mountains 2, and Alluvial Plains 1, 2, and 3 are good choices for new Myth of Empires players who are also new to the survival crafting genre. These places have low-level mobs, allowing you to kill these enemies with a few hits for their EXP. If you prefer a challenging run, the Northern Mountains 1 spawn point can be an ideal first spawn point. Here, you'll encounter higher-level foes, which can be quite challenging to defeat with basic equipment and skills. However, these enemies can give more EXP than those in the other spawn points.

Leveling Up

Myth of Empires Level Up Each level gained has various perks, including Copper Coins, cooked food, and different resources. Completing the different sections of the main questline grants a considerable amount of experience points to help new players level up. Alternatively, completing different actions also rewards you with EXP. For example, spawn into the Forest area and get as much Grass from the nearby bushes. Next, craft Straw Rope from the farmed Grass, which then grants additional EXP. Although it may not seem like much, it’s a safe way to level up without risking your character’s health and life. Note: Join a PVP Myth of Empires server to gain double the items from resource-gathering points.

Choosing Talents & Skills

Myth of Empires Talent and Skill Generally, all new Myth of Empires players will have the same origins. However, progressing through the game and unlocking the different skills and talents can make your character unique from the rest of the game’s player base. Note that the Talent & Skill window lets you choose from dozens of, well, talents and skills under different categories. These categories are as follows:
  • Strength: Its sub-categories are One-Handed, Shield, Two-handed, Polearm, and Heavy Armor
  • Agility: Its sub-categories are Throwing, Bow, Crossbow, Riding, and Light Armor
  • Physique: Its sub-categories are Physique, Mining, Woodcutting, Hunt, and Plant
  • Wisdom: Its sub-categories are Craft, Siege, Building, Armourer, and Medicine
  • Charisma: Its sub-categories are Command, Drills, Recruit, Tame, and Renown
Unlike other survival titles, Myth of Empires lets you gain talent and skill points depending on your actions in the game. For example, you'll gain more points in the Tame sub-category if you domesticate more animals. Additionally, the more skills acquired, the more efficient the acquisition of skill points for that particular Talent & Skill category. For instance, frequently cutting wood and gaining more abilities in the Woodcutting sub-category increases the skill point acquisition for this section. Keep in mind that Myth of Empires has a skill level cap. Go to a Skill Trainer NPC to buy the next unlock for that particular skill to enhance it further. Note: You can spend Copper Coins to reallocate used skill points.

Taming a Horse

Myth of Empires Horses You can traverse Myth of Empires’ massive map on foot, or you can tame a horse and mount it. If you want to tame a horse, here are the steps to do it:
  • Craft the Coarse Rein using 8x Branch, 3x Coarse Hide, and 1x Straw Rope
  • Craft the Coarse Light Saddle using 2x Straw Rope, 6x Coarse Hide, and 4x Bark
  • Craft the Coarse Dry Fodder using 6x Grass and 1x Bark
  • Throw the Coarse Dry Fodder near a wild horse
  • Equip the Coarse Rein and run up to the wild horse from behind
  • Press the corresponding on-screen buttons when the horse’s Rage meter fills up
  • Hold onto the horse until the animal calms down
  • Give the newly tamed horse a name
Note that you have no control over the horse’s movements during the taming process. So, the animal may wander around different areas, including bandit camps and strong hostile NPCs.

Leveling Your Equipment

Myth of Empires Equipment Your proficiency with specific equipment can increase as you use those items frequently. Thankfully, Myth of Empires allows you to level up an equipment class instead of individual gear. For example, increase your proficiency with a one-handed sword by using a weapon of that item class. That means that using any one-handed sword will do to improve this item class’ usage. On the other hand, leveling up armor is somewhat different. Instead, you must equip that armor type (e.g., light or heavy armor) and use stamina to build proficiency. An easy and safe way to increase armor proficiency is by jumping frequently. Note: Update v1.0 released an Idle Training feature to help increase gear proficiency.

Building a Base

Myth of Empires Base Building Your empire in Myth of Empires begins with a single building block. However, select a location for your base before you place the first material for your kingdom’s foundation. Remember, each potential location has its pros and cons. For instance, one location might be near horses, allowing you to tame those animals as much as you can and earn points for the Tame skill sub-category. On the other hand, another location might be near a bandit camp to help increase your chosen weapon's proficiency. After selecting a location, it’s time to lay the foundation of your base. Remember that most building blocks, especially those requiring being grounded, need flat land.
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