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Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now With BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
Immerse yourself with other community members in the massive multiplayer sandbox game Myth of Empires. Enjoy various survival elements, offering an array of features, including crafting, customizing items, and managing conflict. Experience these features and more with a Myth of Empires dedicated server with BisectHosting! Relish in an Ancient Eastern-inspired world, providing a true sandbox experience. Players can decide how to play the game. Will you become a master builder, fearsome conqueror, renowned crafter, or peaceful farmer? The choice is yours to make.

Myth of Empires Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Myth of Empires Dedicated Server Myth of Empires delivers a healthy balance between challenge and freedom to survival sandbox RPG. Developed by Angela Game, this title captivates players by enveloping them in an immersive world with various sandbox environments. This game sets itself apart from other similar titles in the survival space by delivering a multifaceted crafting experience. It lets players weave through its narrative by taking advantage of player interaction through its different features and mechanics. So, here are the features and systems to expect when you start playing Myth of Empires with a BisectHosting dedicated server:
Open-Ended Gameplay
As mentioned earlier, Myth of Empires doesn't restrict players into pulling them into a specific playstyle. Instead, users have complete freedom of choice as long as the choices made are within the realms of the game's capabilities. That means that players can encounter unique challenges and opportunities, depending on their chosen playstyles.
Crafting and Survival
Myth of Empires is a survival sandbox game at its core. Players must gather various resources, hunt animals, and cultivate crops. Then, use those items to craft consumables, equipment, and building materials. You can also upgrade certain equipment to make them more powerful and effective in combat.
Combat and Warfare
Are you seeking a way to test your mettle in large-scale combat? You can in Myth of Empires! Here, engage in epic battles with either AI-controlled foes or other human players. Become the commander of a large force or be at the frontlines. Use tamed creatures, such as bears and wolves, to help win fights. Additionally, construct and take advantage of siege weapons, like catapults and ballistae, to help breach enemy defenses.
Character Progression
Create unique character builds in Myth of Empires, thanks to its distinct skill tree system. Select which skill to upgrade, such as those specializing in combat, crafting, and resource gathering. Then, track your achievements through the game’s leaderboards. Can you best other kingdoms with your skills and acquired forces?
Dynamic Weather System
Unlike other survival titles, weather in Myth of Empires plays a vital role in victory or defeat. Fight in heavy rainfall or snow, and the dampness can impair movement and visibility. Plan your equipment and battles to ensure victory or bask in the shame of defeat.
Reap Your Rewards
Conquering other lands won’t only let you take their resources but also their financial systems. This way, successful conquerors can use the local resources within and around the captured terrain to bolster their kingdoms and military prowess. Choose to become a revered leader or a ruthless dictator who sets taxation levels at psychotic levels.

Myth of Empires Dedicated Server Features

Enjoy Myth of Empires with a BisectHosting dedicated server and take advantage of various features, including the following:
  • 24/7 Myth of Empires Support: Encountered a problem with your Myth of Empires server? Our support specialists are ready and waiting to provide solutions to your concerns. Don’t worry, as our helpful customer support staff will respond within 15 minutes on average.
  • Myth of Empires DDOS Protection: Only worry about raiders in Myth of Empires while we take care of real-life pirates trying to ruin your dedicated server. Our Myth of Empires server hosting services have DDOS protection at no extra charge!
  • Top-Notch Hardware: BisectHosting offers peace of mind to Myth of Empires players, knowing that a server breakdown caused by defective hardware is less likely to happen. Our servers surpass the game’s system requirements, so you and your mates can freely focus on the game.
  • Automatic Updates: Our Myth of Empires dedicated servers will automatically update to the latest patches as soon as they go live (manual options also exist).
Do you still have concerns or queries about starting a Myth of Empires dedicated server with BisectHosting? Click here before finalizing your decision. Otherwise, click the link below to set up your dedicated server in a few easy steps.
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