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Minecraft Vs Terraria

Posted on by bisecthosting

Long has the battle raged between these two beloved titles. Both critically acclaimed, both backed by a loyal legion of fans, both very square and cube-like in appearance, but most importantly, both very different. Today we will be taking on the heavily debated topic of Minecraft Vs Terraria to find which is ultimately the best game for you.

Minecraft: A Short Introduction

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game that drops the player in a cube-filled, randomly generated world. Every new start begins with the iconic punching of trees for wooden tools. Those tools are then used to gather stone, which is used to gather iron, which is used to gather diamond, and so forth. Gathering materials, items, and blocks, the world is yours to explore and do with as you wish.

While containing many avenues of enjoyment, Minecraft’s primary focus is gathering and building. This is not to suggest the other aspects are lacking by any means either, but in a pile of gold, the giant diamond statue is going to stand out, so to speak.

Terraria: A Short Introduction

Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox game that drops the player in a square-filled, randomly generated world. Every start begins with cutting trees down and upgrading your tools, armor, and weapons before delving deep into the earth below. While there is a tech tree to follow, Terraria’s arsenal of items gives the player a lot of freedom. Cactus armor being a fun early game option, for example. Gathering materials, items, and blocks, the world is yours to explore and do with as you wish. Assuming you can survive it, that is.

While containing many avenues of enjoyment, Terraria’s primary focus is on exploration, progression, and combat. Again, this is not to suggest the other aspects are lacking by any means. Much like how exploration, progression, and combat are present within Minecraft, Terraria offers gathering and building. The gathering even being more in-depth in Terraria’s case.

Minecraft Vs Terraria

Minecraft Vs Terraria: Diamond Sword

And so, the question arrives. Minecraft Vs Terraria, which is better?

I may anger a few readers with this answer, but I genuinely believe it comes down to what you, the player, are looking to get out of the game. Both are indisputable masterpieces of a similar nature, but what makes each one so great is where they specialize. Are you looking to gather and build? Then I would suggest Minecraft. Are you looking for a sandbox survival experience with character progression and combat? Then I would suggest Terraria.

Minecraft has combat, sure, but the two offered bosses are easily overcome, assuming they are even fought as intended. I’m looking at you, exploding bed speedrunning strategy and wither killing redstone machines.

In contrast, Terraria has building, sure, but the 2D environment leaves much to be desired and makes building purely for creative purposes less enjoyable. I’d personally feel bad suggesting Terraria if I knew the player had no intention of touching combat, exploring, or experiencing the game’s many, many bosses.

Does this make Minecraft’s combat bad and Terraria’s building bad? No, but I feel it is important players pick based on their intended area of focus when playing.

Minecraft: What Makes It Great

Where Minecraft truly shines is its creative freedom. You are dropped in an unending world to explore, and using all you gather along the way, anything you imagine can be brought to life.

There will never be a greater feeling than standing at the center of a city you built block by block only to nod in approval before moving on to build your next wonder. A mountain top sanctuary, an oasis in the desert, or an old western town in the very rare badlands biome. And, with all that being said, can anything beat finding your very first diamond?

Minecraft is a much more casual experience in its vanilla state, but alongside friends and family, it can be anything you wish to make it. All you have to do is mine and build it.

Terraria: What Makes It Great

Where Terraria truly shines is its exploration, progression, and combat. You are dropped in an all-to-normal world with wooden tools, and you leave it a self-made god.

There is a mountain of items to be gathered and crafted, secrets hidden around every corner, and over thirty bosses to discover and overcome. That’s not to mention the crafting and combat styles! Battle using magic, spears, guns, or even yo-yos. Like swords? Well, combine all the swords at your mithril anvil to make the ultimate sword! To list all the ways one could fight, let alone the weapons, would truly need its own blog.

Be prepared for unique bosses that will put all your progress to the test, the sweet taste of victory and loot when challenges are overcome, and an action-packed adventure that you never want to end.

In Conclusion

I am sure it will be said I was unable to pick or that this wasn’t an honest answer, but I stand by it. My hope is that it helped the few who have yet to try either pick where to begin. But remember, neither Minecraft nor Terraria is going anywhere. Take your time, enjoy one or both at your own pace, and most importantly, have fun.

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